2016 AMT Next Gen Award: Angel L. Green

Nov. 28, 2016
Line Maintenance Supervisor, UPS Years in Aviation: 13

The summer between her junior and senior year, Angel Green, now 33, had her first flight and realized she wanted to do something with aviation. Her uncle was her main motivator to pursue aviation maintenance, he was an avionics technician in the Marine Corp.

Green received her training at Michigan Institute of Aeronautics (now Michigan Institute of Aviation & Technology). She started her career at a heavy maintenance facility in Goodyear, AZ. She spent 10 years first as a mechanic and then later as a lead mechanic doing everything from storage checks and C-checks to teardown and line maintenance. She learned how to remove panels, perform lubes, read maintenance manuals and IPC, change engines and flight controls, and weigh airplanes. She worked on everything from MD-80s to B777s. Later she was a working lead where she set up work packages and managed a crew of eight to 12 technicians. Her current job is now at UPS where she is a line maintenance supervisor. She manages 13 maintenance technicians providing coverage for turning aircraft, essentially ensuring the aircraft come into the station and leave in one shift.

"I like to say I don’t have a mentor but rather a panel of directors," Green says. "There have been a multitude of people that have helped guide me in my career. I have learned more from my multitude than I ever would have from just one person."

Green has taken general familiarization courses on the B757, B767, B747, MD-11, and Airbus A300 as well as completed her bachelor of science in aviation maintenance management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She has also taken several leadership style workshops and classes.

Stacey Rudser, lead A&P mechanic at Fast Aviation, says, "Angel is amazing, she is a UPS next day air maintenance supervisor. She completed the 12-month UPS maintenance management internship in nine months and has blown everyone away there. She was a maintenance lead at AeroTurbine, in Arizona back when it was TIMCO, completed her BS in aviation maintenance management with Embry-Riddle all while being a mother to three. She is active in volunteering in the community and fostering the next generation of aviation. She is a founding member of the Louisville chapter of AWAM and continues to serve as secretary. They do all kinds of events with Girl Scouts and other groups to encourage young girls to enter STEM careers. Angel mentors countless mechanics, male and female, including me. Her leadership is second to none! I can't say enough about her or think of anyone who deserves this recognition more."

Green is a member and director of Association of Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM) and a member of Women in Aviation International and attends the annual conference.

She is actively involved in community outreach for aviation, every year she participates in a Girl Scout Aviation Day talking to the girls about aviation careers and maintenance. She has also participated in numerous career fairs and community aviation events.Her career aspirations include moving up the ranks at UPS and inspiring future young women to pursue aviation maintenance careers.