Ground Support Worldwide Events At Cygnus Aviation Expo

Feb. 28, 2012
Green GSE seminars, an outdoor demo area big enough for test drives and our Leaders of the Year Awards are a few events tailored just for Ground Support Worldwide readers.

The Cygnus Aviation Expo, March 7-9, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, features plenty for all aviation pros. Ground Support Worldwide, however, has created special events just for our readers.


We’ll be presenting three Green GSE Seminars on the Expo’s second day:

Going Green At US Airways Express

1:30-2:30 p.m., March 8, Exhibit Hall Theater

US Airways Express/Piedmont Airlines has used electric GSE at many of its locations for years, in particular at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the Philadelphia International Airport. In fact, electricity powers a major portion of its baggage tractors and belt loaders at these busy airports.

The seminar promises to share cost savings using electric GSE and candidly discuss important daily performance issues. While VALE grants are a popular way to purchase electric GSE, the company will share other sources of funding that you may not have considered.

Brian Wemple, Manager, Customer Service Support, Piedmont Airlines, started working with Piedmont Airlines in Tallahassee, FL as a ground handling agent in 1999. Wemple has worked in various capacities with Piedmont and currently oversees the development and implementation of capital projects, including the procurement of new and replacement ground equipment.

Fred Maslow, GSE Allocation Analyst, US Airways Express, has spent nine years in the airline GSE world. Maslow also knows conventional GSE since he spent 20 years in the industrial engine and related equipment markets.

Taking A Different Road To Green GSE

2:30-3:30 p.m., March 8, Exhibit Hall Theater

Rechargeable lead-acid batteries aren't the only way to save on fuel and cut down on emissions. Two companies are using power sources that aren't necessarily new, but can be considered untraditional ways to go green.

According to Corvus Energy’s CEO Brent Perry, lithium power has displaced all other forms of energy storage in every market it has been introduced into. The advantages, disadvantages, current trends and market needs will be discussed, as well as a vision of the future of electric GSE.

Meanwhile, Can-Am Modev H2 R&D Inc. has successfully completed the conversion of three gasoline-powered baggage tractors to hydrogen power. Extensive tests by Air Canada at airports in Montreal and Vancouver during the first half of 2011 showed that hydrogen power performed just as well as gasoline. Emissions with hydrogen are virtually zero.

Brent Perry, CEO, President and one of the founders of Corvus Energy, a company with many years of experience in developing total product solutions utilizing chemistry energy products. Perry has successfully led Corvus into the Industrial Marine Sector, Commercial Trucking Sector, UPS and Telecom Sector, Port Machinery and Ground Service Equipment while building one of the best high-performance teams and leading sophisticated manufacturing and service organizations in North America. Perry has a clear vision for the expansion of the lithium-ion battery industry and a proven history in lean manufacturing, sales, product distribution and customer service leadership.

Claude Pepin, President of Can-Am Modev H2 R&D Inc. first became involved with green propulsion 15 years ago, when his company developed electrically propelled boats as a green alternative to gasoline and diesel for such notable places as theme parks in Florida. In business for 45 years, he founded Can-Am Modev, a Canadian-American motor development firm, which has close ties to hydrogen-fueled engine developments at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

Making The Switch From Diesel GSE To Electric GSE

3:30-4:30 p.m., March 8, Exhibit Hall Theater

Certainly plenty of airlines and ground support operators are incorporating electric GSE into their traditional fossil-fueled lines of equipment. The switch isn't always as easy as most of us would think. What do you say to personnel used to the tried-and-true versions of GSE? What can go wrong along the way to getting it right? How can you ensure the best outcome? Learn the first-hand lessons one OEM has learned from many of his aviation customers. Also, the presentation will take a look at what's next for rechargeable batteries and charger technology.

Todd Allen, President, Allen Energy, has a BS in Engineering from Penn State and an MBA from UCLA Anderson. He started his career with Eaton Corporation and held multiple positions in engineering and marketing, and finally as a plant manager. Now with Allen Energy, he brings unique battery and charger solutions to the domestic and international GSE market


Rather than leave you in suspense as we've done in past Expos, we decided to announce the winners of this year’s Ground Support Worldwide Leaders of the Year Awards beforehand. Certainly plan on celebrating with the winners since the awards will be presenting during the popular Attendee and Networking Party, 5-6:30 p.m., March 8, Exhibit Hall.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: William "Bill" Jacob, United Parcel Service Inc. This award recognizes a person who has demonstrated commitment to the industry through numerous years of dedicated service.
  • Team Leader Award: Gregory McDermott, United States Coast Guard. This award recognizes an individual who has taken a leadership role with personnel.
  • Product/Service Award: Flightcom Corporation. New this year, this award celebrates the products, services and manufacturers making a difference in the industry.

The Networking Party will also feature our popular truck giveaway. Find out if you’re the lucky winner of a 2012 Ford F-150.


We’ve expanded our outdoor demo area to be large enough so you can actually drive and test equipment. You’ll also be able to stop by “garages” for the companies that demo equipment. Finally, we’ve also included outdoor booths so you can really come and kick the tires and see the equipment in action. Here are the exhibitors you can expect to see outside:

  • AERO Specialties with Eagle Tugs
  • Corvus Energy Ltd.
  • Genie
  • Harlan Global Manufacturing
  • JLG Industries Inc.


  • New this year is our partnership with SAE International for its 2012 Aerospace and Defense for Ground Support Equipment Conference. SAE’s overall conference theme is "environmental sustainability in airport operations."
  • NATA returns with its Safety 1st Trainer – Train The Trainer Seminar, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., March 7, Room N221. One hallmark of the best FBOs is the professionalism of the line service specialists on the ramp. A key component of ramp safety, security and efficiency is the guidance provided by line service trainers. NATA’s Safety 1st Trainer Seminar delivers the in-depth instruction necessary to make these employees more effective line service supervisors and teachers.
  • AMT Society will hold its popular Maintenance Skills Competition, which gives teams of licensed AMTs, AMEs, students enrolled in FAA, EASA, CASA or equivalently authorized schools as well as aircraft maintenance personnel of any country's Armed Forces the opportunity to test their combined abilities against those of their peers. This competition sets the standards that today's skilled aircraft maintenance professionals must meet. The competition will be held 10 a.m.-5 p.m., on both March 7 and March 8, Exhibit Hall. The awards will be presented 9 a.m.-12 noon, March 9, Exhibit Hall.

See you there!