ARC Registers 130% Bump in SMS Data Submissions for Risk, Ops, Training

Dec. 1, 2020

ARC Safety Management has seen a significant increase of 130 percent in Safety Management System (SMS) forms related to risk analysis, operational change and training.

Overall, there was a six percent increase in form submissions through its ARCreport module from January through October, compared to the same time period last year despite a COVID-19 related decrease in flying. Operators were employing their SMS and digital management systems at higher levels even while not flying, illustrating operators are increasingly integrating SMS throughout their operations.

"Although we saw a decrease of almost 70 percent in form submissions directly related to flight from its peak in January to April, there was a more than 130 percent increase in forms related to risk analysis, operational change and training,” said ARC Safety Management CEO Mark Baier. "Operators have seen how data and digital management systems can help them make faster decisions and easily communicate changes to their teams."

ARCreport covers events including incidents and hazards, ASAP, safety and service, deviations, training, change management and custom forms. It eliminates the need for emails, spreadsheets, and binders, since the system automatically organizes, communicates, stores and digitally processes data.

In the most recent update to the software, a notable new functionality is the ability to create custom tags, such as aircraft, operation type, weather, health, etc. This tagging feature allows organizations to customize the data being captured by reports and forms so they can analyze what makes sense for their specific operation.

Additional upcoming ARC updates will take full advantage of this new feature by allowing organizations to create custom metrics based on the tags created. The tagging system was developed out of ARC Safety Management’s continued belief that SMS should be specific to each operator.

This kind of customization makes the reporting system unique to an operator and allows them to get true value out of their SMS. ARCreport is available on the ARC app so subscribers can work on reports on the go, even when Wi-Fi is not available.