Newly Established Grand Dames of Aviation Nonprofit Aims to Celebrate, Educate, Inspire with New Scholarships, Sponsored Programming

Nov. 18, 2022

Initially founded by a group of dedicated women in professional aviation, the Grand Dames of Aviation (GDoA) plans to celebrate extraordinary achievements in aviation, educate through scholarships, and inspire through mentorship and networking. More recently, the GDoA earned its 501(c)3 nonprofit designation, providing growth opportunities for the organization to advance its mission.

“Cultivating the talent, innovation, and leadership of women is critical for the future of aviation and aerospace,” noted Grand Dames of Aviation founder Carol Dean. “It’s so important to give back to our amazing industry by providing opportunities to inspire the next generation of aviation and aerospace industry leaders.”

Grand Dames will offer mentorship and networking opportunities as well as scholarships in areas such as Career Goals, Professional Development and Return to Service.

This news coincides with National Aviation Month celebrations this November, and the launch of the new Grand Dames of Aviation Abingdon watch for purchase where proceeds aid the organization’s scholarships and programming.

“The Abingdon Co. is proud to introduce the Grand Dame watch. This stunning timepiece honors the trailblazing women who came before us. Fierce, accomplished, confident and skilled,” shared Abingdon Mullin, Grand Dame and founder of Abingdon Co. “This is the first Abingdon watch to feature a guilloché dial, an almost 600-year-old engraving technique that decorates the dial of the watch with beautiful intricate patterns. The Grand Dame watch will be as timeless of a masterpiece as the centuries-old guilloche dials have become.”

The GDoA offers special pricing for certified Grand Dames of Aviation members, and availability is limited.

The watch is priced at $870 commemorating the 87th anniversary maiden flight of the aircraft Grand Dame - the Douglas DC-3 - one of the most iconic and legendary planes of our time. Its maiden flight was December 17, 1935. The DC-3 truly revolutionized air travel and its accomplishments in war and in peace are still celebrated today around the world where more than 100 DC-3s are still in operation.