NGPA Announces 2022 Scholarship Cycle Recipients

Nov. 17, 2022

The Worldwide LGBTQ+ Aviation Community announces the recipients of our 2022 Scholarships. This year, the NGPA received a record-breaking 376 completed applications, a 70% increase over

2021. The NGPA is honored to deliver on our mission by offering a means of financial support for aviation education and training. The scholarship program is one of NGPA’s most prideful membership offerings as it aids aspiring aviation professionals and enthusiasts to further their passion.

NGPA’s scholarships are open to all members of the organization who demonstrate a passion for aviation and actively dedicate themselves to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are not considered as a basis for awarding scholarships—which enables NGPA to ensure its values of inclusivity and equality.

After weeks of scoring and evaluating hundreds of applications, NGPA is excited to announce the following winners of the 2022 scholarship offering, valued at over $360,000:

  • Alaska Airlines $2,500 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Aaron Nelson
  • American Airlines $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Brandon Michaelis
  • American Airlines $5,000 Private Pilot Training Scholarship: James Walters-Plotnik
  • American Flight Schools $5,000 Initial Flight Instructor (CFI) Training Scholarship: Mack Ciszek
  • American Flight Schools $5,000 Multi-Engine Training Scholarship: Amanda Kramer
  • Buttgenbach $10,000 Private Pilot Training Scholarship: Lindsey Chen
  • Coradine $5,000 CFI/CFII Training Scholarship: Jacquelyn Emery
  • Delta Air $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Adam Harry
  • Envoy $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Grant Tumey
  • Envoy $5,000 Aircraft Mechanic Training Scholarship: Marci Haengel
  • Envoy $5,000 Private Pilot Training Scholarship: Allison Perrine
  • FedEx $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Brynne Barr
  • Flex Air Initial Flight Instructor (CFI) Scholarship: Jacobi Wright
  • Flex Air Private Pilot Scholarship: Ana Komar
  • Netflix $5,000 Multi-Engine Training Scholarship: Parker Mock
  • NGPA $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Valarie Meyer
  • NGPA $10,000 Private Pilot Training Scholarship: Aden Vinnacombe
  • NGPA $5,000 Professional Development Scholarship: Amber Brierly
  • NGPA $5,000 Steven Moore Advocacy Scholarship: Charlie Williams
  • Piedmont Airlines $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Michael Johnson
  • PSA $3,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Jacob Kahn & Natalie Vaz
  • Republic Airways $3,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Scott Grayson
  • Solairus Aviation $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Braeden Lavigne
  • Southwest Airlines $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Samuel Rosenblad
  • United AVIATE $71,250 Scholarship: Alexander Garrard
  • United AVIATE $71,250 Scholarship: Rebecca Rodeghiero
  • United AVIATE $25,175 Scholarship: Joseph Dobmeier
  • United AVIATE $25,175 Scholarship: Claudia Betten
  • United AVIATE $25,175 Scholarship: Emily Gardner
  • United AVIATE $25,175 Scholarship: Emily Pagano

NGPA Board Vice Chair, Scott Konzem shared: “we are so happy to announce a truly record- breaking year for the NGPA Scholarship Program. Not only did the program have the highest number of applicants ever, but we also are giving away more than double the scholarship value from 2021. Our scholarship program remains one of the key tenants in our efforts to build, support, and unite the LGBTQ+ aviation community.”

Thank you to all our members, donors, and sponsors who make the NGPA scholarship program possible. Your contributions to NGPA make individuals’ aspirations a reality. Since 1998, NGPA has awarded 234 scholarships totaling nearly $1.3 Million.

Furthermore, NGPA sends a special thanks to the many volunteers who spent time grading and evaluating scholarship applications.

A profile on each of this year's scholarship recipients will be available in the Spring 2023 edition of Contrails Magazine. In addition, you can look for each of our scholarship winners at the NGPA 2023 Winter Warm-Up, presented by United Airlines.