Early Success for the Vocational High School Degree in Aeronautics in India

Sept. 8, 2022

In India, the Aeronautical Structure & Equipment Fitter vocational program, developed by the Dassault Skill Academy and initiated with the local authorities, reached an important milestone on June 30, 2022. This date marked the commencement ceremony of the first graduating class of 19 students.

Conceived in July 2017, the project got underway in September 2019 — with the agreement of the state of Maharashtra — for roll-out at the public vocational high school in Nagpur, located near the DRAL site. The students in the first graduating class were trained by French teachers. 90% of the students have been recruited at Indian aerospace companies: DRAL, TASL, Indamer and Safran.

A second graduating class of 40 students is currently receiving training until the end of September 2022. By mid-2024, the French teachers will have been replaced by three Indian teachers, and two Indian instructors will have prepared the future educators involved in the roll-out to other vocational high schools.