Embraer Introduces Educational Partnership Program in 2022

March 17, 2022
Logo Embraer Foundation

Embraer has launched its first of many new programs providing social investment through scholarships, grants and employee volunteer hours to numerous high schools, technical colleges and universities in the United States. Through the Educational Partnership Program (EPP), Embraer will implement an industry-focused scholarship and internship program to inspire and recruit students into aviation careers. The initiative will be led by the Embraer Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Embraer in 2017 to consolidate and expand the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the United States.

The Educational Partnership Program will initially focus on six schools with aviation training programs, to award scholarships and program grants, while also providing internship opportunities that allow students to experience the aviation industry before graduation.

This structured pilot program provides Embraer the opportunity to hire entry-level talent and retain a more diverse workforce, which are key components of Embraer’s environmental, social, and governance commitment. This supports the company’s goal to steadily increase onboarding of talented students from EPP schools over the coming years.

Additionally, Embraer representatives will visit each school to provide academic support and serve in an advisory capacity related to the school’s aviation curriculum. Other benefits — dependent upon location — include hands-on training programs and on-site visits to Embraer’s Melbourne campus, among others.

“As one of the leading companies in the aerospace industry, Embraer is invariably focused on innovation and education. Education has always been at the core of our social responsibility initiatives and our new program reinforces that commitment— not only to inspiring youth through aviation, but to developing a high-performing and diverse talent pipeline, said Monica Newman McCluney, head of the Embraer Foundation. “It is crucial that we make social investments that ensure our ability to attract a diverse workforce These students are the future of our industry, and we are honored to provide additional resources to help them grow and succeed.”