Garmin Announces New Pilot Training Opportunities

Oct. 28, 2021
Virtual courses offer instruction on the G3000, aviation risk management and SiriusXM weather products.

Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., announces new training opportunities that will benefit novice and seasoned pilots alike. A new eLearning course provides comprehensive, up-to-date instruction on the Garmin G3000 while free video series offer lessons in risk management and SiriusXM weather products.

G3000 Essentials 2.0 eLearning course

Designed for pilots who are new to the system, experienced pilots looking for recurrent training on their avionics, or pilots returning to flying after some time off, this course offers best practices for operational use, including instruction on features included in recent software updates as well as the many other capabilities and benefits of the G3000.

As part of the G3000 Essentials 2.0 eLearning course, pilots will learn about fundamentals such as system components, database management, PFD and MFD operation, automatic flight control system operation, abnormal operations and more. Advanced features including Garmin Autoland, emergency descent mode, flight data logging and more will also be covered. Additionally, two flight scenarios will demonstrate how the features can be used from start up through final landing.

Using a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet, pilots can access the courseware immediately through the eLearning platform. Pilots can learn at their own pace and pause lessons as needed, retake specific lessons – or even the entire course – at any time during the two-year subscription period. To purchase the G3000 Essentials 2.0 eLearning course, click here.

Aviation Risk Management series

Through multiple free videos, the Aviation Risk Management series will provide pilots with the opportunity to review common safety hazards and traditional risk mitigation strategies. Pilots will also learn how the features and capabilities on Garmin avionics, such as Garmin Autoland, SafeTaxi, SurfaceWatch, traffic displays and other hazard awareness features can contribute to managing risk. Subscribe to the Garmin Aviation YouTube channel to receive notifications when new videos are available.

SiriusXM Weather Video series

Developed in conjunction with SiriusXM Aviation, this free 15-video series offers an overview of the SiriusXM setup on compatible Garmin units and highlights common uses of SiriusXM weather products. Featuring several operational scenarios, the SiriusXM Weather Video series will cover challenges and hazards pilots might experience during flight and highlight the value of onboard weather products to help increase a pilot’s situational awareness and aid in decision making. To access the SiriusXM Weather Video series, click here.

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