BAA Training Appoints Marijus Ravoitis as Its New CEO

July 26, 2021

BAA Training is pleased to announce the confirmation of Marijus Ravoitis as a new CEO of the company, who will supervise all its business operations globally. Egle Vaitkeviciute steps away as a CEO and progresses her career taking a more advanced role as a strategic advisor for BAA Training. The transition comes into force on Aug. 3, 2021.

Vaitkeviciute says: "BAA Training is a business that has already built the proper environment to thrive and systems to scale. It has taken operations to the overseas markets, hit the next level with opening multiple training centers globally and accelerated its Ab Initio school’s performance. With ASG being a parent business with the strong financial capabilities to support extensive expansion plans and my new role building a bridge among all ASG companies and subsidiaries, BAA Training is guaranteed further continued and consistent growth worldwide."

Vaitkeviciute Progresses Her Career within the Group

Vaitkeviciute has been in the CEO’s position since 2010. She has witnessed and personally contributed to the company’s growth to hundreds of people across continents. She takes new responsibilities because of BAA Training’s ambitious global expansion plans in Europe, Asia and other potential markets.

"It has been incredible 11 years of developing a unique success story like BAA Training. I will commit to further helping the company to expand into new markets and open up new revenue streams. It will be done in close cooperation with ASG group’s companies, while implementing digital innovations and other business development projects. The work in close collaboration with the group will directly influence the efficiency of BAA Training’s positioning in the global arena."

Ravoitis Takes Over the Management of the Training Company

Ravoitis, who is making an internal move from a Chief Sales Officer’s role, will guide the organization in its mission to deliver world-class aviation training to both corporate and individual clients. In his four years of serving BAA Training, the company has acknowledged his dedication to creating an environment of accountability and transparency. He has been moving the organization forward, adopting the right global business strategies and building a rapport with clients during both triumphant and uncertain times for the industry.

Commenting on the appointment, Ravoitis said: "I look forward to building on the foundation that has been laid, driving an industry-leading growth that will benefit both BAA Training’s airline and private clients as well as all of the company’s employees and shareholders. We will also focus on pursuing the innovation and digitalization activities and realizing new services and ideas."

BAA Training’s Global Expansion

The pandemic has not undermined the wide range and scope of activities the company has been getting involved in. As the aviation recovery is imminent, BAA Training plans even more remarkable growth, so the need for internal transfer and reassignment of ownership was born.

The recently opened simulator training center in Barcelona – BAA Training Spain – is fully functional at the moment with its Airbus A320 simulator being booked tightly, especially by Air Maroc flight crews. Another full flight simulator – Boeing 737 MAX – has just arrived at the training facility and is currently being assembled before it can be used for professional training.

A modern training center in Zhengzhou city, established on a franchise basis, marked the first BAA Training name’s appearance in China in June 2020 – amid the Covid-19 crisis. It was designed to provide the capacity of 40,000 flight hours per year and train approximately 4,000 pilots.

The most recent and substantial news, to be formalized yet, is that BAA Training plans to open another simulator training centre in Europe by 2023 in partnership with a leading European airline. It is yet one of the largest ever projects BAA Training gets engaged in that will help it follow the extensive expansion path envisioned. A few more of such large-scale projects are expected to be accomplished in years to come.

More about Ravoitis:

 Ravoitis joined BAA Training in 2017.

He has collected 10 years of international sales experience in different industries and continents: South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Thanks to this diverse experience, he has a deep knowledge of different cultures and markets that is helpful in his current and future professional endeavors.

Apart from being an expert in the aviation training field, Marijus also has expertise in the Internet of Things and Consumer Electronics businesses.

Years of experience in high-profile negotiations and signing historic contracts with industry-leading companies have prompted a rapid career progression of Marijus from a sales leader’s position to the company’s CEO.