MotoArt Rescues the First Super Guppy Aircraft From Scrapping and Creates a Special Edition PlaneTag Collectible

Feb. 19, 2021

MotoArt announced their newest PlaneTag, a special edition created from the first Super Guppy Turbine (SGT) aircraft. The SGT was a large cargo aircraft which was used to transport outsized components. The SGT and its predecessors, the Super Guppy and Pregnant Guppy, were designed by Aero Spacelines specifically for moving Saturn rocket components for NASA and were invaluable to the success of the Apollo and Gemini Space Programs. Before the Guppy aircraft, transporting oversized rockets and components across the United States to Cape Canaveral, Florida, could only be done by sea. This process took over two weeks and often damaged the equipment. With the Guppies' help, transporting large pieces of machinery could be done safely in just a matter of hours.

The first Super Guppy Turbine, serial number 0001 registered as F-BTGV (formerly N211AS), was one of four SGTs ever built. It flew for Airbus Industries for over 26 years before retiring in 1996. It remained at Bruntingthorpe Airfield & Proving Ground, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, England for many years. It was destined for scrapping in December 2020, but with the help of South Wales Aviation Museum, MotoArt was able to obtain part of the fuselage and preserve it in the form of PlaneTags. The cockpit will ultimately be restored and put on display by SWAM.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to work with the Super Guppy Turbine and the South Wales Aviation Museum while further accomplishing MotoArt's 20 year mission to preserve aviation history," stated MotoArt owner Dave Hall.

PlaneTags are highly sought after by aviation enthusiasts and aircraft memorabilia collectors. In addition to Super Guppy Turbine PlaneTags, the company expects to release about 20 additional noteworthy commercial and military aircraft by the end of the year.