WinAir Signed on for AMEC Virtual Maintenance Conference

Oct. 7, 2020

WinAir announced that the company will be attending the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Canada’s (AMEC) National Virtual Maintenance Conference on October 22. In addition to exhibiting at this online event, WinAir managing director, Kyle Vergeer, will facilitate a technical presentation on how WinAir Version 7 can accelerate and improve specific maintenance work steps, both for the AME and the aviation operation and/or MRO. WinAir Version 7 is the latest and fully browser-based edition of the WinAir’s industry-leading maintenance and inventory control software. 

Having introduced its software to the aviation maintenance community over 30 years ago, WinAir has a longstanding history of assisting businesses with improving efficiencies that extends from AMEs, maintenance technicians, and DOMs, all the way up to business owners. Much of WinAir’s success stems from the fact that the software was designed from the hangar floor up by following actual aviation maintenance work steps and adhering to industry best practices. This approach has proved to speed up the software learning curve so that users can easily take charge of the solution quickly and effectively.

WinAir will demonstrate this ease-of-use and elucidate some of the many benefits of its software during its seminar at this year’s AMEC National Virtual Maintenance Conference. Attendees will learn how AMEs use WinAir Version 7 on a daily basis to complete maintenance tasks, perform routine and non-routine checks, make part requests, and sign-off on maintenance work using Digital Signatures. They will also gain insight into the company’s template approach to aviation maintenance management, which provides AMEs with the capacity to manage maintenance programs on multiple aircraft of the same type with ease.

“We are thrilled to participate in the AMEC Virtual Maintenance Conference,” said Vergeer. “Every day, AMEs from around the globe save valuable time by managing maintenance activities on a variety of aircraft using WinAir. We look forward to shedding light on how our software improves the management of tasks commonly performed by AMEs, while at the same time assists with ensuring compliance by automating processes and procedures, and streamlining and expediting maintenance work steps.”

WinAir Version 7 is the ideal solution for establishing and maintaining compliance, enhancing productivity, and having access to trustworthy and reliable data. Businesses focused on these items should attend the 2020 AMEC Virtual Maintenance Conference to speak with WinAir in an online environment about their particular requirements. They should also join WinAir for its presentation on “How AMEs use WinAir to Streamline and Expedite Maintenance Processes” to discover firsthand the procedural gains and operational advantages of using the software.