Sault College Soaring to New Heights with WinAir Version 7

July 9, 2020

London, ON, Canada/Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada – July 9, 2020 – Sault College and WinAir have partnered together to fully implemented WinAir Version 7 – the latest and fully web-based release of WinAir’s aviation management software – for the College’s School of Aviation. The software, which was chosen after a thorough review of available solutions, provides an aviation maintenance solution for supporting the daily operations at the College’s flight school.

This decision to collaborate with WinAir led to a remarkably simple product implementation with WinAir’s software implementation team, which took place in mid-January. Since WinAir’s software workflow and proven training methodology adheres to aviation maintenance best practices, Sault College was able to quickly take charge of the solution and go live with the product in early February. Now that the software has been in place, the College is realizing operational gains and envisioning ongoing success with the product.

Sault College School of Aviation was established in 1974 at Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. It operates with 14 fixed-wing aircraft, comprised of 12 Zlín Z-242L single-engine trainer aircraft, and two Piper PA-44 Seminole twin-engine light aircraft. The new software offered an efficient and effective solution for maintenance planning and forecasting, as well as streamlining and expediting maintenance processes.

“When we were researching aircraft maintenance software, we spoke with several colleagues in the industry, and time and time again, we kept hearing praise for WinAir,” says Joel Robert, Sault College School of Aviation AMO Planning and QA Coordinator. “Once we demoed the product, we knew that WinAir was easy-to-use aviation management software that was powerful, versatile, and dependable. The fact the software follows a sequential workflow that is based on actual maintenance work steps speaks volumes about the company’s area of specialization.”

WinAir’s team provided comprehensive training and onboarding, which allowed College staff to quickly understand the software’s processes and grasp the product knowledge. After going live in February, Sault College continues to realize the benefits of making the switch in aviation maintenance software.

“Our entire experience with WinAir has been fantastic,” says Brian Trotter, Sault College Maintenance and Quality Manager. “The transition to the software was seamless, training was thorough and top-notch, and the ongoing support that we have received has been remarkable. We look forward to continuing this relationship with WinAir for many years to come.”

WinAir Business Development Representative Jason Street agreed: “With our proven training methodology, and a customized implementation plan, we can improve the software learning curve, while simultaneously, accelerating the product implementation timeline. We are thrilled to have Sault College signed on with WinAir and are happy to learn that they are benefitting from a simple transition to the software. We anticipate that the college will continue to boost efficiencies with WinAir, and we look forward to forging a long-lasting business relationship.”