Abaris Offers Reduced Count Onsite Training Options

June 12, 2020

Abaris Training Resources, Inc. (Reno, NV) announces that in light of the COVID-19 restrictions placed on customer travel, Abaris is modifying their policy to accommodate fewer students in classes held at client locations, making it both economical and convenient to obtain the world-class composite training they provide.

Starting June 15th, 2020, any customer with six or more students needing advanced composite training will qualify for the newly structured terms of agreement that waive the current ten-student minimum policy for onsite classes.  This will allow many more companies and organizations to obtain the training they need while still following health and safety protocols put in place for COVID-19. 

In addition to the reduced student count policy, Abaris is offering a three-day, all-classroom (minimum hands-on) version of some select five-day introductory type courses.  While a course of this type does not provide a great deal of tactile exposure for students, it can provide a fundamental understanding of composite materials for use in the workplace.

To find out more about this program, contact Abaris via email at [email protected] or visit the website at www.abaris.com.