Avotek-Online has Courses for Part 147 Schools

April 20, 2020

Avotek is ready to do its part to help schools through this sudden change in direction for instruction. Over the last year we launched Avotek-Online and went live with 20 courses to help you present AMT material to your students. With the current move to online learning wherever possible, and the challenge of making missed material available to your students we are happy to offer some relief.

These courses are available in different combinations to suit your needs. You may purchase access to each subject individually, according to the subject area in Part 147 you are presenting. This option gives you the flexibility to match the material to your curriculum. These single subject courses can be used as the foundation for instruction or can meet FAA requirements for making available material that has been missed. The flexibility is yours. For those of you preparing students, or maybe yourself, for the AET exam the Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics course is available in two large packages

You can see a  listing of the courses available.

These courses can be found at https://avotek-online.com/. At that address you will also find a free sample course to let you see how the content is presented. Also, by clicking on a course you are interested in you will be able to see the subjects covered and the run-time of video presentations.

In addition to these online courses, Avotek has uploaded samples from five of the courses to YouTube. These can be found by entering Avotek Training in the YouTube search bar.

To help schools take advantage of this resource we are offering special enterprise pricing based on the number of students you will be enrolling in each course. Contact Mike Leo to discuss how you can get special pricing. 1.800.828.6835 or email at [email protected].

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