BAA Training Establishes New Company in Vietnam

April 18, 2018
BAA Training Vietnam will operate a training centre of 4 full flight simulators and Ab Initio flight school by 2023.

BAA Training, one of the largest aviation training centres in Northern Europe, has announced the establishment of a new company in Vietnam – BAA Training Vietnam which is to operate a training centre of 4 full flight simulators and Ab Initio flight school by 2023.

According to the Boeing projections Asia Pacific region will require up to 253,000 new pilots until 2036. Looking at South East Asia alone, the aircraft numbers will grow from 1,410 in 2016 up to 4,200 aircraft by 2036, 77% of which will be made up of single aisle airplanes, mainly A320 and B737 family aircraft. The total number of A320 fleet is predicted to rise from 120 aircraft in 2017 to 226 aircraft in 2024. Starting from 2019 a number of Boeing 737MAX aircraft in the market will multiple, reaching 59 aircraft and will continue to grow reaching 317 Boeing 737MAX aircraft in the region by 2023 . To respond to the growing training needs in the region, BAA Training Vietnam is building a brand new training facility.

As constructions of the training centre are underway the first Airbus A320 full flight simulator is set to be deployed by the end of 2018. To continue the development and increase the training centre capabilities Airbus A320 NEO and Boeing 737 MAX full flight simulators are planned to be assembled until 2020. In addition, BAA Training Vietnam aims to open an Ab Initio flight school in the next five years, in order to provide the region with complex pilot training solutions.

“The Vietnamese aviation market has been growing by average 8% per year and is expected to continue its growth in the upcoming 20 years. By establishing BAA Training Vietnam we aim to share an exceptional know-how built through years of experience of BAA Training operations as well as securing region with the transparent and high standard aviation training for both corporate and private clients”, comments Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training.

The new company in Vietnam is not the only proof of the successful aviation training business development of BAA Training. Just last year the company has announced the accusation of 4 full flight simulators (three Airbus A320 and one Boeing 737 NG), of which three will be located at BAA Training headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, by the end of 2018. Also, the company invested into the renewal of current full flight simulators and assembled a brand new, only of its kind in the Baltic States, Airbus A320 Door and Slide Trainer reaching an investment of approximately 32 mln. euros into training equipment.

About BAA Training:

BAA Training is one of the largest Northern Europe standard aviation training centres, where the experience of tailored training solutions is wrapped in personal care. Its people are united by the passion for aviation and desire to ensure the efficient training solutions for both pilots and airlines.

In 2017 over 300 cabin crew members received training with BAA Training and over 750 pilots flew close to 25,000 hours in more than 85 full flight simulators extended among over 30 locations in Europe, North and South Americas, Africa and Asia. Visit BAA Training Vietnam