Installation of a WESTT CS/BV Bench at Kennesaw State University

Feb. 2, 2015

The Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology of Kennesaw State University joins the list of international universities and schools who have chosen the innovative training solutions of Price Induction, a France-based engine manufacturer.

The WESTT CS/BV has been installed on January 13th, 2015 in Marietta, and after two days of training, Dr. Adeel Khalid, as well as several faculty members, were thrilled with the numerous possibilities of including the Bench to their classes and enhancing the teaching experience of their students.

Dr. Khalid said “the bench will be very helpful to me in the Aircraft Propulsion, Aircraft Design and Performances classes where I can have students calculate the aerodynamic and thermodynamic parameters for the gas turbine engine at various flight conditions.”

The virtual bench is a close representation of a real engine test bench. The students are able to act as test engineers and use the bench controls to perform tests just as test engineers do in reality.  The difference is that there is no real engine in the educational bench : the engine is simulated using a highly sophisticated model in real time.

“I enjoy teaching college engineering students at all levels, especially in the area of vibration, dynamics, controls, and acoustics and can see that the Price Induction’s Virtual Bench will be a great asset for the controls system lab”  said professor Richard Ruhala.

Having a CS/BV will take the experience of the students to a rare level of originality. It is far beyond the ordinary laboratory teaching equipment one expects to find in even the most prestigious of universities, greatly enhancing the uniqueness of the student experience.


WESTT SOLUTIONS are multifunctional and interactive learning tools based on the know-how of the DGEN program and designed for the needs of engineering universities, research laboratories, aviation and maintenance schools.

The DGEN 380’s two-spool, high bypass ratio, unmixed flow architecture which is particularly compact and lightweight, its « all electric » concept with an integrated FADEC unit, as well as its geared fan are some of the engine’s many innovations which make WESTT SOLUTIONS exceptionally well-adapted to the needs for state-of-the-art education methods.

The WESTT product family includes the following solutions. Please also find more information on and watch demonstration videos on