Installation of a WESTT CS/BV Bench at Kent State University in Ohio

Jan. 25, 2015
The WESTT CS/BV has been installed just after New Year’s Eve: a great way to start this New Year!

Kent State University joins the list of international universities and schools who have chosen the innovative training solutions of Price Induction, a France-based engine manufacturer. 

Dr. Blake D. Stringer knows that the bench is a very powerful education tool that can be used in different classes, but he goes even further: he is going to use the Bench in his Aircraft Design Class to introduce students to some of the main topics and to provide an introduction to the “language” of aerospace engineering. Later on, he will ask them to perform a conceptual design of an aircraft. The students go from a set of requirements to a three view drawing of the resulting aircraft. The course finally culminates in a demonstration of the aircraft capabilities in a flight simulator.

Dr. Blake D. Stringer demonstrated the operation of the bench to his aircraft design class about one hour after Price Induction’s team left campus, and the class was very excited.  He wrote : “They are really looking forward to designing an aircraft around your engine.”

The possibility of accessing the engine modelling will provide students with a real-world example of how to model a complex engineering system at the level that they will be required to achieve in industry at the end of their degree.


WESTT SOLUTIONS are multifunctional and interactive learning tools based on the know-how of the DGEN program and designed for the needs of engineering universities, research laboratories, aviation and maintenance schools.

The DGEN 380’s two-spool, high bypass ratio, unmixed flow architecture which is particularly compact and lightweight, its « all electric » concept with an integrated FADEC unit, as well as its geared fan are some of the engine’s many innovations which make WESTT SOLUTIONS exceptionally well-adapted to the needs for state-of-the-art education methods.

The WESTT product family includes the following solutions. Please also find more information on and watch demonstration videos on

The WESTT BR Real Engine Test Bench: state-of-the-art teaching and research platform

The WESTT CS/BV Virtual Test Bench: multipurpose simulation of the DGEN and its FADEC

The WESTT SE(V) Assembly and Disassembly Station: the engine for practical classes

The WESTT SE-HP Assembly Station of a High Pressure Spool: the new economical solution


Price Induction SA is based in the French Aquitaine region with its office headquarters in Anglet and its test benches in Tarnos. Today, the company employs over sixty persons, more than forty of which are engineers. Price Induction currently has three subsidiaries: the USA (Atlanta), Brazil (São José dos Campos) and Germany (Berlin).