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June 11, 2014
Spanish school utilizes the iPad app “LTT viewer” in its curricula in its curricula

Hamburg/Sevilla, June 11, 2014:

On June 5, 2014, the Instituto Tecnológico Superior ADA (ADA-ITS) and Lufthansa Technical Training signed a contract in Sevilla at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings. The contract governs the use of Lufthansa Technical Training’s iPad app “LTT viewer” to provide next-generation training to the institute’s course participants. The first courses will start in September 2014, and from then on, more than 100 participants and professors will use the “LTT viewer” on a daily basis to work on topics relevant to an EASA Part-66 Category B1 or B2 license.

The training material for the “LTT viewer” is provided in English. The active use of English terms and phrases is an essential prerequisite for any employee in the aviation industry. Thus Lufthansa Technical Training will support ADA-ITS with an industry-proven Technical Aviation English training program, a train-the-trainer seminar and the related web-based training self-study program to improve language skills. This will prepare the participants for their upcoming working environments.

Javier Fernández Montes, president of ICADA and the associated ADA-ITS, comments, “The agreement just signed with Lufthansa Technical Training represents a significant step forward in our training of future aircraft maintenance technicians. This promising agreement is the first foundation stone for future successful common projects, thanks to the long and recognized experience of Lufthansa Technical Training.”

Jens Lange, Product Manager Basic Training at Lufthansa Technical Training, adds, “I am very happy that we are collaborating with ADA as a launching customer. The training facilities at ADA-ITS, with their digital training possibilities, are very impressive due to the comprehensive use of iPads. Our app fits just perfectly in this setup. I am very excited that ADA-ITS will be the first customer to use the “LTT viewer” in its curricula and that we can support the institute in providing Technical Aviation English.”

About the “LTT viewer”:

The iPad app LTT viewer is dedicated to aviation professionals as well as enthusiasts.
The complimentary app contains more than 200 modules. Several of them are free of charge.
A download link and more information can be found here.

About Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH:

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About Instituto Tecnológico Superior ADA:

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