The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta Acquires the WESTT-CS/BV Turbofan Engine Virtual Test Bench from Price Induction

Oct. 19, 2012

Marietta, October 19th 2012. The Georgia Institute of Technology joins the list of French and international universities and schools who have chosen the innovative training solutions of Price Induction, a French-based engine manufacturer.

“We always give our students the best research and training tools. The WESTT CS/BV is a very innovative and interactive engine simulator and excels in various technological areas such as engine regulation, thermodynamics and aerodynamics studies. We believe that the WESTT CS/ BV will have a significant educational impact in the classroom and we are all looking forward to start using this new rig.” said Eric Feron, professor of Aerospace Software Engineering at GATECH.

The WESTT CS/BV will be installed in December of 2012. Although Eric Feron will be the primary user of the WESTT CS/, the Test Bench will also be shared with other departments. Jeff Jagoda, Professor & Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Research is already organizing a suitable work area, accessible by different departments to optimize the multi-disciplinary aspects of the Test Bench.

“We are proud to share our technology with such a prestigous University as The Georgia Institute of Technology: currently the Aerospace Engineering Department ranks 2nd in undergraduate programs in the United States” said Christine Lloyd from Price Induction Inc., the American subsidiary of Price Induction SA.


In the field of turbomachinery, the WESTT products are multifunctional and interactive learning tools that are perfect for the use in universities, institutions of higher education and research. The WESTT product family has been developed with the know-how of the engine program. Inspired by the expertise in design and our assembling-, and testing-means, the WESTT products have then been specifically designed for teachers, trainers and researchers who need to cover a wide range of educational fields.

The DGEN 380’s two-spool, high bypass ratio, unmixed flow architecture which is particularly compact and lightweight, its « all electric » concept with an integrated FADEC unit, as well as its geared fan are some of the engine’s many innovations which make the WESTT solutions exceptionally well-adapted to the need for state-of-the-art education methods.

After equipping many French universities and since 2012 international institutions with WESTT products, Price Induction strengthens its activities throughout international markets, to make this technology broadly available.

The WESTT product family includes the following solutions:

WESTT BR Real Engine Test Bench: the real teaching and research engine

The WESTT BR system offers the possibility to do research and tests on a real turbofan engine and to analyze its performances. The system consists of a control room with a control console, parameters displays, video screens and a test room with an instrumented DGEN engine, a data acquisition unit and video cameras. Thus, the WESTT BR results in a whole and complete high-capacity engine test bench with multipurpose applications.

The WESTT CS/BV Virtual Test Bench: the engine simulator with 3D-Visualisation and access to the FADEC unit.

The WESTT CS/BV system is a virtual engine test bench where the DGEN engine is simulated by the SIMMOT-system. It offers two different orientations and training applications. On one side, the reprogrammable FADEC and the failures simulation module allow for the study of the engine’s control system and its modern all-electric concept. On the other side, the virtual bench provides a proficient thermodynamic and aerodynamic exploration of the simulated engine as well as the full 3D-visualization depending on the flying conditions. The WESTT CS/BV is thus particularly polyvalent and interactive.

The WESTT SE(V) Assembly and Disassembly Station: the complete engine for practical classes and aeronautical maintenance.

The WESTT SE(V) assembly and disassembly station is based on a real turbofan jet engine that can be fully assembled and disassembled. The station includes special tools, carts for tools and engine parts as well as a special assembly stand that maintains and orientates the engine to ease the operations. The WESTT SE(V) system is an educational tool for mechanical studies as well as engine maintenance training and offers the opportunity to work on a real turbofan jet engine, which makes it along with the WESTT CS/BV bench the ideal training connection from the virtual to the real. The SEV version is additionally equipped with an electronic bay to start and control the engine ventilation in order to validate the reassembly.

The WESTT SE-HP Assembly Station of a High Pressure Spool: the new economical solution for basic engine maintenance training and general mechanics.

The WESTT SE-HP system is an assembly and disassembly bench of the DGEN 380’s high pressure spool delivered with standard and special tools and intuitive assembly documentation. The centrifugal compressor, HP turbine, rotor and bearings are high-tech core components which offer educational applications in general mechanics for all study levels. Plus, they involve innovative and proficient assembly techniques which are ideally adapted to the engine maintenance basic training.


A new engine for a new class of airplanes. Over the past ten years, Price Induction has been developing the DGENs, high by-pass ratio turbofans designed to motorize 4 to 5-seating Personal Light Jets (PLJ). The DGEN 380, providing up to 2.5kN of thrust, is the first product of a family of high bypass ratio engines that can provide up to 4kN of thrust and that are optimized for the general aviation flight domain (under 25’000ft, ISA+/- 30, under Mach number 0,4).

The DGEN 380 has been designed with inherent robustness, easy integration and maintainability, low fuel consumption and noise level. These PLJ planes will thus be efficient, easily piloted by private individuals, with great safety of use and comfort, low pollution and low maintenance with a sensible running cost.

ABOUT Price Induction SA

Price Induction SA is based in the Aquitaine region, France, in Anglet (offices) and Tarnos (test bench). Today, the company employs over fifty persons, more than forty of which are engineers, with subsidiaries in the USA (Atlanta, Georgia), in Brazil (São José dos Campos, SP) and in Germany (Berlin).

Price Induction SA is an investment of the following funds: AEROFUND, ACE and Financière de Brienne, which are managed by ACE Management.

Price Induction SA is actively supported by the Aquitaine Region, the FEDER and the OSEO. Price Induction SA is a member of Aerospace Valley Global Aerospace Competitiveness cluster.