AMTSociety Update

Feb. 19, 2015
AMTSociety Announces New Membership Program

AMTSociety Announces New Membership Program

Over the past year AMTSociety conducted surveys and spoken with many members to determine which benefits and offerings are most important to them. Overwhelmingly, the number one reason people join AMTSociety is access to educational offerings; either the Online Inspection Authorization (IA) Refresher Training course or to attend the Live Education/IA Refresher Events held around the country.

Based on this feedback, we have changed the AMTSociety membership program. Now, any individual can register to become an AMTSociety member for free. Just sign-up, it's that easy! The AMTSociety website has been updated to reflect this new program.

Once registered you can then purchase either the Online IA Refresher Training course, or register to attend the Live Education/IA Refresher Events held across the country. These live events are generally held between the months of October and March. If you are already a registered member, just sign in with your username and password and choose the class you wish to attend.

You will see no increased cost as a result of this change when you consider the price of the previous $49.00 annual membership dues. For example, the online/web-based training was a free benefit as part of the $49.00 membership cost. With the free membership structure the online training can be purchased for $49.00. No difference in price.

Similar to this, the price for 2014/2015 series LIVE training events was $62.00 for current members, or $111.00 for non-members which included a one year membership. Under the new free membership program the cost of attending one of the live training events will be $111.00. Again, there is no difference in overall price.

As stated earlier, the vast majority of prior and current members join for the IA refresher training we offer. This new program will provide us the ability to focus on providing this type of training and to better place our efforts behind supporting already existing industry initiatives. For more information on this new program, visit

Live Education/IA Refresher Training Event

The next AMTSociety IA refresher event is scheduled for March 9, 2015 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, 201 Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, NV. Hear presentations from such companies as Michelin Aircraft Tires on tire maintenance and safety; Lee Aerospace on window care, maintenance, and inspection practices; Champion Aerospace on piston engine ignition systems; Concorde Battery Corporation on care and maintenance of aircraft batteries; Bell Helicopter on maintenance best practices; and from local FAA representatives. Additional speakers being confirmed. Some speakers may change. Visit with exhibitors and register for door prizes. Refreshments and lunch provided. Register to attend at