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Sept. 5, 2014
Stay alert and stay safe; AMTSociety Scholarship winners

State of AMTSociety Address

How aware are you?

In the first phase of the FAA Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance study, the FAA determined that one of the major obstacles to technicians achieving productivity goals was their inability to see the big picture.

Often technicians are given only their piece of the puzzle; for example, being assigned tasks with deadlines without explanation or direction, a just-do-it assignment. Another common situation is performing a portion of a major task, possibly without training or explanation as to how their actions affect the overall task.

Accidents and incidents occur when we are unaware of others and when focus is lost. If we train ourselves to be more aware of others while focused on the task at hand, we have taken a major step toward accident and incident prevention in the workplace. To help you stay focused, continually, ask these three questions: How do we achieve situational awareness; how do we know we have situational awareness; and how do we know we have lost situational awareness? Stay alert and stay safe!

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Are you sure that you know how to handle that substance in your hand? What if it spilled, splattered, or dropped on you or your co-worker? Would you know how to administer first-aid? Did you take the proper precautions to prevent cancer, fire, or poisoning yourself?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) all come with questionable substances and are provided to warn the user on how to handle the substance, provide the proper ventilation, exposure cautions, and how to administer first-aid in case of an accident while in use. The long-term negative effects from mishandling substances can easily be avoided by following these instructions. They come with telephone numbers and contact information for clarification of instructions.

These instructions should be kept alphabetically near the storage area of the substance as well as in the area where the substance is most often used. It is also suggested that the pages be placed in plastic sheet protectors. The table of contents should be immediately updated when a new substance is brought into the facility. The MSDS sheets should be verified for accuracy and currency when a new batch is brought in. If two MSDS books are used they should be evaluated at the same time. It is suggested that the MSDS books be evaluated, initialed, and dated at least once a month. The information in these books could extend your life or save the life of your co-worker. Please do everyone a favor and be familiar with them.

AMTSociety Scholarship program

Congratulations are in order for the following individuals:

Charles E. Taylor Scholarship: Samantha R. Fowler, Cave City, AR, University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville

William F. “Bill” O’Brien Scholarship: Dillon R. Gardner, Alamosa, CA, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Thomas E. “Tom” Hendershot Scholarship: Travis L. Beach, Westminster, CO, Emily Griffith Opportunity School of Aviation

U.S. Military Scholarship: Todd Grote, Coast Guard Air Station #41, Corpus Christi, TX, United States Coast Guard

The winners attended the Cygnus Aviation Expo in Las Vegas. Each of them received their respective plaque and were introduced to the attendees of the International Maintenance Skills Competition. There were 167 scholarship application packages reviewed by the scholarship committee. Chairman Joseph C. Hawkins is to be congratulated for an excellent program this year. They are looking forward to an increase of applications this year. Be safe.

Tom Hendershot

Mark your calendars 2010-2011 IA Roadshow

Please take the time to review the schedule below, and keep in mind that this training is not just for the holders of Inspection Authorization but for all personnel involved in the aircraft maintenance process. The previous IA renewals have been well attended and we appreciate you taking the time to attend and benefit from the speakers and training that we provide. If you are going to attend, please preregister so we can plan accordingly.

March 16, 2011, Aurora, CO

April 9, 2011, ATEC Annual Meeting & FAA/DME Renewal, Orlando, FL

2011 Maintenance Skills Competition Winners

We’ll have more in the next issue but here’s a quick rundown: First place in the Military category was the U.S. Navy Gold team. First place in the General Aviation category was Team Colorado. First in Schools category was Redstone. First place in the MRO/OEM category was AMP. First place for the Commercial category for the second year in a row was Southwest. The team with the fastest score of two hours, 44 minutes, and 24 seconds was Southwest which means the team also won the William “Bill” O’Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance which was presented by Marie O’Brien.

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Tom Hendershot is the Executive Director of AMTSociety. In recognition of his influence and dedication to the aviation industry, he has been inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame and the OX5 Aviation Hall of Fame. He has earned both the prestigious Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic and the Wright Brothers Master Pilot awards.