3D Cabin Bag Scanners To Transform Security Screening at Munich Airport

Oct. 25, 2023
Technology from Smiths Detection will allow more than 30 million passengers to pass through security in one-third of the time.

Smiths Detection will supply Munich Airport with 60 HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX carry-on baggage scanners. The technology will enable more than 30 million annual passengers to speed through security screening in a third of the time. The estimate is based on 2022 Munich Airport numbers and trial results at Paris Orly.

The ECAC EDS CB C3-approved cabin baggage screening system harnesses the power of computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanning to produce 3D images alongside Smiths Detection’s digital expertise, eliminating the need to remove electronic devices, liquids and gels from hand luggage. The technology also reduces the numbers of trays that need to be returned, which ultimately speeds up the security screening process and improves passenger and security operator experience.

With more than 1000 units sold globally, Smith Detection says the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX is the most energy efficient scanner of its type worldwide, featuring low noise levels, zero vibration, and a 30% higher belt speed than other CT X-ray scanners – helping to promote a calmer checkpoint. 

Markus Rossmeisl, Director Sales in Germany, Smiths Detection, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Munich Airport to supply our industry leading CT checkpoint scanner. Providing an improved security screening experience, the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX will give passengers more time to relax prior to their flight. At the same time, the systems have been able to improve security and reduce burden on operators. Creating a better, faster, safer experience for all.”

Smiths Detection’s units will be delivered from January 2024.