Mumbai International Airport Successfully Concludes Post-Monsoon Runway Maintenance

Oct. 17, 2023
This yearly practice of runway maintenance work is undertaken to enhance the operational efficiency of the airport.

Aimed at providing seamless flight operations and the utmost standards of passenger safety, Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has effectively concluded its post-monsoon runway maintenance. The maintenance work conducted on Oct. 17, 2023, took place between 1100hrs and 1700hrs on both runways - RWY 09/27 and RWY 14/32. The overall repair and maintenance work was executed with great success, with a thoughtfully developed plan that ensured no setbacks to flight schedules. After 6 hours of work, CSMIA resumed its operations as usual. This yearly practice of runway maintenance work is undertaken to enhance the operational efficiency of the airport.

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) was also duly issued six months in advance with airlines and other stakeholders to ensure flight schedules were planned ahead of time causing no inconvenience to passengers. Being one of the nation's busiest airports, CSMIA takes great pride in its ability to conduct safe, secure, efficient, and uninterrupted operations, thanks to its meticulously planned and executed runway maintenance efforts throughout the year. Conducting timely runway inspections and maintenance is crucial for restoring the runways to their optimal condition and ensuring smooth operations while upholding the airport's infrastructure to the highest standards.

This crucial component of CSMIA's yearly strategy, executed with meticulous care, reflects the airport’s dedication to placing passenger well-being at the heart of all operations. CSMIA, as a leading international gateway, recognizes that its role extends beyond merely serving as a transit hub for passengers. The maintenance work is part of the airport’s monsoon contingency plan, which has been devised to respond to and mitigate any possible issues that might have been caused during the monsoon season in the city.

As part of its maintenance work, CSMIA undertook the installation of runway edge lights for portion of intersection of runway 14/32, trenching work for laying underground cables for segregation of AGL (Aeronautical ground lights) near the beginning of runway 09, validation of strength of RESA (runway end safety area) for runway 09 and RESA for runway 27 and repair of cracks, disjoints, damaged surface, especially close to runway intersection. A separate team closely inspected over 5000 aeronautical lights installed, to check for wear and tear. Drain pits and chambers along the runway strip, cables critical for lighting, IT, and navigational aids were also inspected.

With a flight movement of over 930 flights each day, CSMIA, year-on-year, ensures operational continuity, timely check, and repair work on the runways to restore its health. Specialists in engineering and airside teams inspect the runway surface for micro texture and macro texture wear and tear, and signs of distress - these are attended to in the scheduled closures of runways 09/27 and runway 14/32 at different intervals in a week.

CSMIA thanks all stakeholders and passengers for their collaborative efforts and cooperation throughout the runway maintenance work. As we move forward, CSMIA remains dedicated to innovation and continued improvement. The airport's commitment to delivering top-notch safety and service standards will continue to be the cornerstone of its operations, making CSMIA a preferred choice for travelers both domestically and internationally.