International Cybernetics Acquires NAC-DFT Friction Technology

Dec. 6, 2021

International Cybernetics (ICC) announces the acquisition of the NAC-Dynamic Friction Tester technology (NAC-DFT) from NAC Dynamics, LLC. The NAC-DFT is an aerodynamic tow-behind continuous friction measurement device (CFME), approved for use on airport runways by the FAA. Over 130 units have been sold, and the device is optimally suited for both summer and winter testing.

“The NAC-DFT has been used by airport authorities across the country and around the world for many years,” said Michael Nieminen, P.E., CEO of ICC. “Our objective is to combine this proven, patented friction measurement technology with our runway profiling and distress survey technologies to offer a comprehensive solution for airports.”

ICC has been designing and building pavement friction testers for over 40 years. ICC’s existing locked wheel friction testers are the industry standard for Departments of Transportation (DOT) and civil engineering firms for road friction measurement. They have been certified to meet ASTM standards by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) and Transportation Research Center (TRC).

Tim Neubert, the inventor of the technology and founder of NAC Dynamics, commented, “This transaction is good news for my customers. I know they will appreciate the responsive support and fast build times from ICC. I am pleased that my technology will continue to be manufactured in the United States by a company with the depth of industry knowledge that ICC has.”

The NAC-DFT complies with ASTM E2340 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Skid Resistance of Pavement. It creates and measures the frictional force between an ASTM E1551 test tire operated at a 12% slip while towed across the runway surface.

The transaction includes all NAC-DFT intellectual property and the assignment to ICC of U.S. Patent 7,117,716 (Title: Dynamic Friction Testing Vehicle to Measure Fluid Drag and Rolling Friction).

“We see value in bringing data from different types of test equipment into one integrated software solution,” said Nieminen. “Our Unify suite is designed to analyze many types of measurements and to show how those values are changing over time. We will be adding support for NAC-DFT friction data."