Biggest Surface Rehabilitation Project in 40 Years Underway at MKE

Aug. 17, 2021
Runway 7R/25L construction project at MKE utilizes concrete recycling to save money and keep material out of landfills.

A major rehabilitation project replacing the surface layer concrete on Runway 7R/25L is underway at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE).

The rehabilitation project uses recycled concrete aggregates to keep construction costs down and create an overall greener operation.

The airport is partnering with local construction company Zignego to crush the old pavement into a smaller, gravel material called breaker run. The breaker run is then used as stabilization material below several road construction projects in southeast Wisconsin. Recycling these materials on site at MKE and using them in nearby projects minimizes the need for trucking and fuel while preventing wear and tear on roads and trucks.

“The rehabilitation of Runway 7R/25L will extend the useful life of the runway and reduce airfield maintenance costs,” said Airport Director Brian Dranzik. “We’re thrilled to replace primary runway pavement in a way that is clean, green and cost-effective for the Airport.”

Any recycled material left over from the Runway 7R/25L and road construction projects will be used as fill underneath the Taxiway M extension project currently underway at MKE.

Both projects are set for completion in November 2021.