Saskatoon Airport Welcomes Falconry Bird Control

July 17, 2018

Skyxe Saskatoon Airport (Skyxe) is pleased to welcome Rich Ensby of Alti Bird Control to the airport. Ensby brings a specialty Falconry Bird Control Program to the airport which augments the airport’s existing wildlife management program.

Alti Bird Control provides a service with trained falcons and other species of birds of prey to manage issues that are caused by wild birds in commercial and industrial environments. Bird control falconry is one of the only target specific methods of control which has the minimum impact of the environment and other non-evasive species within it.

"This year Alti Bird Control is proud to be able to support Skyxe Saskatoon Airport with a wild bird conservation and management program,” says Ensby. “Over the next few months, Alti Bird Control will support the current wildlife team and provide a service with trained falcons to deter and manage the risks that wild birds can cause in an airfield environment".

“Skyxe Saskatoon Airport is committed to offering a safe and secure airport environment,” says Andrew Leeming, Vice President of Operational Excellence at Skyxe Saskatoon Airport. “In addition to our ongoing initiatives, Rich Ensby`s falconry bird control program supports Skyxe`s wildlife management program to mitigate the risk of bird strikes at Saskatoon Airport.”