Snow Symposium Preview

Feb. 13, 2019

Schwarze A7 Tornado

The A7 Tornado, a superior performance solution for all airport surface cleaning needs including road sweeping, ramp debris and litter removal, high-speed runway sweeping, high-speed air blast cleaning, glycol removal and catch basin vacuuming. Options include CNG or diesel, high powered-magnets for ferrous metals, catch basin vacuum, and side air blast. 


The FOD BOSS works by capturing debris as it passes over the tarmac. The force of friction and a series of specially designed brushes scoop up foreign objects and hold them in an easy to empty mesh capture zone. With a sweep width of 2.4 meters (8 feet), 4.8 meters (16 feet), or 7.2 meters (24 feet), the FOD BOSS can clean up to 300,000 square meters (3 million square feet) per hour, at speeds from 6 kph (4 mph) to 40 kph (25 mph). 

MB5: Mid-Mount Broom Compact Multi-Tasking Snow Removal Vehicle

M-B Airport Maintenance Products are designed to move deep and heavy snow faster. Leveraging more than 100 years of experience between our parent company Aebi Schmidt and M-B's family of airport snow removal products, we provide outstanding snow removal performance and exceptional after-sale support. Visit us at the 2019 Snow Symposium booth 43 to learn more.

TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweeper

All TYMCO Models have the cleaning power to address FOD removal from Runways, Taxiways, and Ramp areas.

TYMCO Offers several options for the aviation industry, such as magnets, lateral air flow nozzles, and liquid recovery systems.

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Fortbrand Services, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for a wide range of unique airport snow removal and maintenance equipment, including the Vammas line of runway multi-tasking snow removal vehicles; Beam multi-task Airport Service Vehicles and Glycol Recovery Vehicles; Bergkamp FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher and the Prinoth SW4S multi-season vehicle.

All airport snow removal and maintenance equipment distributed by Fortbrand Services is multi-functional or multi-seasonal in nature, allowing airport operators to more efficiently utilize their financial and human resources.

Cyclone Technology 4006 Series Surface Cleaning Machines

A recent US Army Corps of Engineers evaluation proves Cyclone Technology 4006 series surface cleaning machines “Come Out On TOP” providing the highest improvement in runway surface friction measurements at 40mph and 60mph. The proprietary Cyclone cleaning heads fully recover all the waste water without using loud external vacuum recovery systems. This low noise environment provides comfort and operational safety to communicate with the control tower and support staff. 

Trail Runner 

The Trail Runner is versatile. It is mounted on a utility vehicle, but our unique design allows for quick removal allowing you to use the utility vehicle for other purposes.

The left-hand carriage is dual wheeled for leveling. It holds two to five guns. A pneumatic lift makes it easy to stow the gun carriage while also providing down pressure for smooth paint application. 

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Margo Supplies Thunderstick

New non-gun style 15mm pyrotechnic launcher designed for airport and industry use. Detachable rotating magazine holds 8 blanks for fast firing and aggressive bird hazing. Includes a 3 point safety system with a gravity trigger, a safety pin and safety switch. Detachable muzzle cup and magazine allows for easier cleaning.

Margo Supplies Bangers

15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridges that produce a loud startling noise at the end of their 90'/27m range. Used repeatedly in succession or with other types of pyrotechnics, the efficiency of these pyrotechnics increases drastically.

Margo Supplies Scare Cannon

Propane gas cannon that produces an audible blast of 125 dB to frighten off birds. Advanced digital clock for pre-set firing times and multi-shot bursts and two random firing modes reduce animal tolerance. Optional remote on-demand activation with hardwired push-button and wireless radio control.

Vammas ST/SB 5500

U.S. built Vammas ST/SB 5500 features 360-degree visibility with a single joy stick operation. The 30 ft. plow with segmented cutting edge provides maximum performance. A 22ft., 46in diameter broom can be put in transport position, allowing for easy storage. All systems including the blower are deployed automatically to remove contaminants from the surface. 

Prinoth SW4S Four-Season Municipal Vehicle

The Prinoth SW4S four-season municipal vehicle is engineered to handle a vast range of maintenance tasks year around. A quick-mount attachment system allows the SW4S to be equipped with a wide variety of standard skid-steer attachments, as a snow blower, front blade, etc. Easily changeable from winter to summer configuration, this powerful tracked vehicle can accomplish the most demanding jobs year long.

Beam Multi-Task Vehicle

The Beam Multi-task Vehicle is specifically designed to accomplish numerous airfiled and landside tasks on airports.


  • Aircraft Stand Scrubbing
  • FOD Removal
  • Fuel Spill Recovery
  • Fuel Hydrant Cleaning
  • Glycol Recovery
  • Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Sand Removal
  • Rubber Removal


  • Accident Clean up
  • Bus Stop Cleaning
  •  Catch Basin Cleaning
  •  Hydro Vac Excavation
  •  Parking Lot Scrubbing
  •  Sidewalk Power Washing
  •  Spring Clean UP
  •  Street Sweeper

Bergkamp – FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher

The all-in-one FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher reduces material waste with its insulated 5.1 yard electric-heated hopper by keeping asphalt at a constant temperature for an extended period of time. The standard material chute, optional swing auger, spoils bin and tools can be easily accessed from the back or passenger side of the machine so the operator can easily and safely reach them.

Stratos Combi Soliq

Trusted by international airports from around the world, Schmidt helps keep millions of passengers per year safe and on time. Schmidt’s premium products for both airside and landside applications have been setting the global standard for more than 90 years. See the award-winning Schmidt airport equipment at booth 44 of the 2019 Snow Symposium.