New Hazardous Materials Awareness (HAZMAT) Training Available

Aug. 22, 2013
ATA Launches New Online Training Program

Aviation Training Academy (ATA) announces the launch of their new online
training program directed at FBOs, corporate flight departments, municipalities,
fueling agents, line service technicians, and mechanics.

These new regulations, under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification
and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) which were adopted by the Occupational
Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), mandate that employers must have
their employees trained on the new GHS label elements and Safety Data Sheet
format, which now includes thousands of flight department employees, by
December 1, 2013. The course complies with and meets the requirements of the
new regulation.

“The course curriculum includes material on the new documents, formatting,
labeling, signal words and pictograms of the GHS to effectively understand the
system when these begin to arrive in their workplaces”, states Dave Ware with
ATA. The cost of this online training is $89.95 and is available through ATA’s

In addition to the other Hazardous Materials Awareness (HAZMAT) Training
Online, courses offered by ATA directed toward airport operations include; Line
Service Technician Certification; 14 CFR 139 Supervisor Certification; 14 CFR
139 Auditor’s Practical Checklist for Completing 14 CFR139 Inspection; FBO
Preparation for the 14 CFR 139 Inspection, and Self Fueling Operations.
All courses meet the latest industry training standards for aviation support
personnel involved in these roles, and Aviation Training Academy certification is
provided at the successful completion of each course. “ This training is both an
affordable and convenient way to accomplish the mandated training given the
limited window of time until year end” stated DeborahAnn Cavalcante, partner in

About Aviation Training Academy (ATA)
“ATA provides the industry with comprehensive and standardized training and
continued education of professional aviation ground support personnel. ATA is
dedicated to being the premier provider of aviation training”, stated Walter P.
Chartrand long time “World Class” industry trainer and partner at Aviation
Training Academy (ATA).

ATA’s no membership fees philosophy provides standardization of training in a
flexible format, eliminates training related travel expense, and can be
accomplished on your schedule. You can contact Aviation Training Academy at
htpp://, email [email protected], or by telephone at