Interstate Products Introduces Portable Fuel Spill Containment Berms

June 14, 2022

Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) is a supplier of airfield fuel spill containment berms to help with EPA and SPCC regulations and accommodate all size fuel trucks and tankers.

The portable and flexible berms ship on pallets and are unfolded on site. Any sizes are available from 4 feet by 4 feet to 14 feet by 60 feet or larger with 12-inch or 24-inch walls. Large trucks, tankers or equipment, IPI contains them all. Heavy duty L-shaped brackets slip in and out of slots on the non-traffic sidewalls to make berms stand erect, providing the required spill containment. Lay-flat exit and entry walls allow vehicles to drive in and out hassle-free. No manual lowering and raising of walls. In the event of a spill, the liquid flows underneath the lay-flat wall raising the wall to the needed containment wall height.

IPI has been providing airfield portable fuel spill containment systems to airports and FBOs with optional anchoring sleeves allowing the containment system to be bolted to the ground if desired. This is especially helpful in high wind areas.

Containment berms available for 1,000-gallon, 3,000-gallon, 5,000-gallon, 7,000-gallon, 10,000-gallon or greater tankers. IPI can save time and thousands of dollars over concrete berms.

IPI has multiple shipping points across the company and is a leading provider of spill berms with over 20 years of experience across a variety of applications. IPI President Richard Eisenberg said, “It only makes sense we would use XR5 berm fabric to construct the containment berms. XR5 fabric has been on the market for four decades.”

XR5 is a geomembrane in the industrial fabric market and made in USA. The XR5 fabric comes with a 10-year UV and weathering warranty as well as an A rating on jet fuel and diesel fuel.