Ametek Ameron Receives FAA-PMA Approval for Discharge Outlets

May 25, 2021

Ametek Ameron recently achieved PMA approval on Discharge Outlets, P/Ns M35240422-1 and M35240423-1, which are approved for OEM 224 cu-in dual outlet Fire Extinguisher P/N 33700002. Ameron’s Discharge Outlets are a direct drop replacement part that is similar in fit, form, and function to the OEM’s Discharge Outlet P/N 35240422-1, made by Kidde. These outlets are installed on Boeing 737 aircraft models.

The discharge outlet is a flow path for the extinguishing agent and the mounting bed for the explosive cartridge. The discharge outlets consist of nuts, rings, screens, outlet body assemblies, and standard O rings. A screen inside the discharge outlets keeps the cartridge debris from entering the discharge lines.

Ametek Ameron recommends the Discharge Outlets be evaluated for replacement if there is damage to the threads on the connector to avoid a possible leak path.

“We are proud to continue offering solutions that improve the aircraft industry’s ability to keep operating with our high quality parts and short lead times,” said Ameron Business Manager Adam Brammer. “Our products, now including the M35240422-1 and M35240423-1, provide the same or better quality than the OEM. We also offer same day shipment for most of our aftermarket products.”