NEC Corporation of America Announces Appointment of Raffie Beroukhim to New Chief Experience Officer Post

June 18, 2020

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) today announced the appointment of Raffie Beroukhim to the newly created post of Chief Experience Officer (CXO), a leadership position focused on accelerating NEC’s business transformation into a social value-creation engine using platform-based technology and services focused primarily on enhancing the customer experience.

Since first joining NEC in 2011, Mr. Beroukhim has led the growth of NEC’s Advanced Recognition Systems business, which includes biometrics and identity solutions. He also established NEC’s Federal Government Operations and office in Washington, DC, in 2016. More recently, in pursuit of global commercial aviation business, he successfully launched NEC’s Global Aviation Center of Excellence (COE) forming partnerships with major carriers and alliances.

“For his proven track record of loyalty among clients and employees, and a demonstrated ability to lead and grow our business, I am proud to appoint Raffie Beroukhim to the post of Chief Experience Officer for NEC Corporation of America,” said Mark Ikeno, President and CEO of NEC Corporation of America. “Now more than ever, the world needs technology companies focusing their energies and resources on customer experiences that are prioritized in serving the ‘greater good.’”

In his new role, Mr. Beroukhim will also assume leadership of the Digital Platform Business Unit in North America.

“Our successful implementation of frictionless customer journeys and digital transformation in the aviation industry is a solid launching pad for NEC Corporation of America to extend similar CX services to new markets including retail, hospitality, healthcare and financial services, and more,” said Mr. Beroukhim.

NEC recently launched I:Delight, a digital services platform designed to personalize the customer experience in commercial markets. The full concept is outlined in a Vision Paper penned by Mr. Beroukhim. One of these solutions includes a field-tested and readily available elevated body temperature screening solution called NeoFace Thermal Express – for detecting elevated body temperature in public spaces.