Munich Airport Presents Progress in Construction Work on the New Pier of Terminal 1

June 7, 2024

The new pier at Terminal 1 of Munich Airport is progressing rapidly: after the exterior façade was completed last year, the interior fit-out is currently making great strides. Construction is scheduled for completion at the end of 2025. Extensive testing will still be carried out before commissioning. The new pier will bundle the non-Schengen traffic of Terminal 1 and will become the new home for American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways, among others.

“The expansion ensures that a high quality of stay, and service will be offered in all handling areas in the future. With the attractive new lounge areas, we will then bring about a leap forward in quality in Terminal 1, which will open up long-term development prospects at our airport for the airlines that operate here and will thus guarantee the competitive edge and future viability of Munich’s premium hub,” says Jost Lammers, Chief Executive Officer of Munich Airport.

Approximately 360 meters long, the pier extends into the western apron and covers around 95,000 square meters, including an area in the current Module B Arrivals area that will serve as the central entrance to and exit from the new building in the future. Almost all orders for construction work have already been placed. Munich Airport is investing a total of EUR 665 million in the project.

The building has six stories. Three of them are intended for passengers and check-in: Level 03 with bus gates, immigration controls and baggage reclaim, Level 04 with a marketplace and departure gates, and Level 05 with the arrivals area as well as passport control and security checkpoints. Up to twelve smaller aircraft or six wide-body aircraft can be positioned simultaneously at the Terminal 1 extension. Access to the pier is via a centralized security checkpoint area. The ten checkpoints are equipped with state-of-the-art CT technology, which is already in use in Terminal 1 Module D and Terminal 2.

The building is equipped with energy-efficient facilities and system technology. In addition to the ecologically high-quality central energy generation at the airport campus, this also includes the air treatment systems, which are equipped with highly efficient heat recovery systems.

“For passengers, the increased amount of space in combination with the technological innovation brings a significant enhancement in efficiency, service and comfort. Terminal 1, now 30 years old, will be state-of-the-art in every respect and optimally equipped for future challenges in the non-Schengen area,” says Nathalie Leroy, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Infrastructure at Munich Airport.

The improved quality of stay will also be visible in the commercial areas of the Terminal 1 extension. Retreats with a high level of comfort, individual offerings such as children’s playgrounds and exhibition areas make the pier a feel-good place. The theme of “Bavarian Soul” runs through the premises like a common thread and presents the airport as Bavaria’s calling card. The centerpiece will be a central marketplace for all non-Schengen traffic. A large walk-through duty-free area and numerous catering and retail units with a wide range of products will be created on a total area of 5,200 square meters.

“With the ‘Bavarian Soul’ concept, we are establishing a new passenger experience in the future pier. We are creating a pleasant atmosphere for travelers with premium brands, a friendly ambiance and timeless interior design – everything that Munich Airport stands for,” says Jan-Henrik Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Security Officer at Munich Airport.