Denver International Airport Concessions Program Sees Record Growth in 2023, Expected to Expand Further in 2024

Jan. 22, 2024

Denver International Airport (DEN), announced that the 2023 gross sales from DEN’s Concession Program are estimated at $590M, a 15 percent increase over 2022 Concession Program gross sales.

“Over the years, DEN’s Concessions Program has evolved into an award-winning portfolio by celebrating local flavor, supporting diverse and small businesses, and placing a strong emphasis on the overall customer experience,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “The Concessions Program is a testament to our commitment to and investment in Vision 100 Guiding Principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA) and Enhancing Customer Experience.”

DEN has been lauded for its innovative approach to supporting the principles of increasing opportunities for small businesses operating as concessionaires and for increasing generational wealth in underserved communities.   Specific examples of DEN programs benefitting concessionaires include the design and launch of the Business Development Training Academy, an enhanced outreach program, creation of the Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation, and the introduction of the Small Business Enterprise Concessions program.

“Rooted in the principles of our Vision 100 strategic plan, the Concessions Program is successfully supporting and promoting economic equity and fostering generational wealth, while delivering an exceptional and culturally rich experience for travelers,” said Penny May, DEN Chief Commercial Officer. “What’s more, our Concessions Program is in the middle of a remarkable redevelopment transformation, showcasing the excellence of local restaurants while championing small businesses.”

In 2024, the Concessions Program is estimated to add approximately 54,000 sq ft of new concession space and has a slate of new concessionaires expected to open, further highlighting beloved local establishments, including: ChoLon, Marzyk Fine Food, Tacos, Tequila, Whisky, Uncle, the Bindery, Salt and Grinder, and more. Last year, DEN added approximately 4,000 sq ft of new concession space including Half Moon Empañada and Dazbog Coffee.

Revenue generated from the Concessions Program flows back to DEN to help with airport operations. In 2023, DEN hired a third-party consultant to support DEN’s Concession Master Planning efforts. The consultant has over 25 years of airport commercial planning experience to help generate optimal revenues from non-aviation activities while delivering the desired guest experience goals.

Alejandro A. Alvarez/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS