Dallas Love Field’s Exclusive Partnership with Dallas-Based JetWind Power Corporation Explores Alternative Energy Capturing Technology

July 25, 2023

Dallas Love Field (DAL) has partnered exclusively with Dallas-based JetWind Power Corporation to pilot innovative technology and explore an untapped resource - manufactured wind. Through the testing phase, JetWind has been successful in its pursuit to capture wind generated from aircraft and convert it into sustainable energy.

“We are thrilled to be the only airport in the world testing the benefits of this technology,” said Patrick Carreno, interim director of aviation. “It’s gratifying to see Dallas Love Field leading the aviation sector’s charge to decarbonize travel through our collaboration with JetWind Power Corporation. I am proud they chose our airport to assist with this innovation.”

JetWind debuted at the 2017 Influential Airports Going Green Conference in Dallas. Their team collaborated with students and researchers from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Clarkson University in the early stages of Capture Aided Design (CAD) modeling for the Energy Capturing Pod (ECP) generators that can withstand high-speed winds and perform as intended. The results of this pilot program have proven that the model successfully captures large wind gusts and converts them into sustainable energy.

DAL’s desirable location and airfield configuration were specifically identified as factors that make it an optimal airport for JetWind’s research and development phase. The ECP at DAL is strategically located next to the control tower, opposite Gate 9. This ideal placement allows operators to test various factors of the ECP, including the amount of energy capable of being captured and the durability of the turbines against the wind blast delivered from an aircraft. For more information, please visit: Dallas Love Field is Taking Sustainability to New Heights | Airport News | Dallas Love Field Airport (dallas-lovefield.com)