Appleton Airport Launches FlyMyAirport

July 25, 2023
Airport One, LLC
Flymyairport Image

Appleton Airport (ATW) became the first airport to adopt FlyMyAirport, a new “Search to Book” platform that integrates with airport websites to create a more localized shopping experience. The platform tackles three critical challenges faced by airport marketers. It helps marketers dispel misconceptions about their local airport's cost and convenience compared to rivals. It’s an online location to send customers that won’t restrict the airport's choices or promote other airports. In addition, it offers marketers the ability to measure their return on investment (ROI) through click, search, and purchase attribution reporting.

FlyMyAirport is a meta-search solution that prioritizes convenience and community. It curates the best deals and destinations available from the local airport, setting it as the default departure point. Once a consumer selects a preferred flight or vacation package, FlyMyAirport facilitates a direct purchase with the provider. FlyMyAirport also equips marketers with pre-designed destination landing pages to advertise and direct consumers along their Path to Purchase. The alternative would be to send consumers to a specific airline, limiting their local flight options, or to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), which introduce competing airports. FlyMyAirport is powered by KAYAK's industry-leading travel search engine, but with a local twist for airports to connect with their community.

"FlyMyAirport represents a significant step forward for airports seeking to grow or reduce leakage," said Steve Romme, co-founder of Airport One, LLC. "By leveraging technology to help consumers better understand their local flight options, our team of marketers, UX designers, and software engineers have created a better experience for airports to engage their community. We are thrilled to have ATW for FlyMyAirport and look forward to soon helping more airports. We have five airports right behind ATW and are gaining more weekly."

Search flights and explore vacation packages from Appleton Airport’s integration of FlyMyAirport at Airport directors or marketers interested in experiencing how FlyMyAirport would work for their airport can request a demo by visiting