Fort Wayne International Airport Awards Clayco East Terminal Expansion and Renovation Project

Dec. 19, 2022
Construction of a 35,500-square-foot renovation and expansion will start in May 2023 and enhance the regional airport’s terminal building to support continued growth.

Clayco, a full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firm, was recently awarded the Fort Wayne International Airport’s (FWA) East Terminal Expansion project, as a part of the airport’s continuing Project Gateway. Construction of the Mead & Hunt designed project will commence in May 2023 and includes the renovation of approximately 10,500-square-feet of concourse area, as well as the expansion of approximately 5,000-square-feet of first level space designated for airport operations.

“This is a challenging and exciting project that will complete the process of creating a beautiful, functional, and efficient Gateway for this thriving community,” said Mac Glinn, Clayco Senior Vice President and Aviation Business Unit Leader. “We understand that we cannot drive away the traveling public in the process of making these types of improvements, that would undermine the whole purpose of these projects. We look forward to collaborating with the Fort Wayne Airport Authority to minimize impacts to all stakeholders and deliver this facility in a safe, cost effective, high quality, and timely manner.”

Beyond the planned renovation and expansion, the project scope includes relocating all airline gates and passenger boarding bridges to the second level, expansion of the TSA security checkpoint area; relocating the airport restaurant and creating a new frequent flyer lounge. Work will also include new and improved public areas including additional restrooms, new meeter and greeter space, expanded circulation areas and vertical transportation. The East Terminal Expansion project will also see a continuation of FWA’s commitment to accessibility with the extension of the airport’s new cane trail, adding additional accessible counter spaces, and more.

The Clayco team will demolish existing interior and structural components to expand the building outward and vertically over the first floor, in addition to expanding the footprint of the building to include a new East Concourse. Structural work will include selective demolition to add additional space to the second floor and elevated clerestory roofs to the main terminal. It is anticipated that work will also be done to update the existing baggage claim and rental car areas. Work on the East Terminal Expansion project will come on the heels of the airport’s current West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation project.

“We are thrilled to welcome Clayco onboard as our Construction Manager for the East Terminal Expansion project,” said Scott Hinderman, Executive Director of Airports. “Over the last several years we have been working hard to bring a modern, accessible airport to our community. FWA serves as the first impression for many visitors to our area, and it is our goal to present the best front-door possible while we support our community and the Northeast Indiana region’s continued growth. By completing the East Terminal Expansion project, we will do just that.”

In collaboration with design and subcontractor partners, Clayco is scheduled to complete the project in June of 2025.The East Terminal Expansion and Renovation project is a part of Project Gateway, which has included the West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation project, Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project, Rental Car Return Lot Canopy Expansion and Renewable Solar Energy Project, and the East and West Terminal Apron Improvement Project. More information and updates can be found at