Winkitchen and Onsite News Now Open at Philadelphia International Airport

Sept. 14, 2022
PHL food & shops continues to grow award-winning portfolio.

Passengers at Philadelphia International Airport can now enjoy chef-inspired, bold-flavored Southeast Asian cuisine from WinKitchen in Terminal F. Additionally, the one-stop-shop Onsite News is now open in Terminal C, offering food, drinks and any other items guests may need before boarding their flight. PHL Food & Shops is excited to welcome both offerings for travelers to the growing list of more than 170 eateries, retail shops and services offered at PHL.

Travelers can take their taste buds on a trip around the world with the fresh flavors of Southeast Asian street food from WinKitchen, a Philly-based, quick-service restaurant. WinKitchen will be serving up mouthwatering banh mi sandwiches, bao buns, pho, salads, and plenty of other chef-inspired, bold-flavored Southeast Asian cuisine made from locally sourced fresh ingredients.

The visionaries behind WinKitchen are Strother Enterprises Inc.’s co-founders and twin brothers Robert and Ernest Strother. A food service veteran, Strother Enterprises, a minority-owned company, has operated multiple franchises in the Philadelphia International Airport since 1992, so the duo is well positioned for their expansion into the quick-service, fast-casual and full-service restaurateur arenas. WinKitchen presents travelers with fresh, modern and delicious on-the-go eats during their travels.

"We’ve had our sights set on launching a Strother-branded food concept for a few years now, and we’ve simply been waiting for the right moment to bring this innovative concept to the PHL airport," said Ernest L. Strother, Chairman and CEO, Strother Enterprises Inc. "WinKitchen appeals to the globally conscious traveler who desires fresh herbs and simple ingredients. We’re the first to offer a full menu of Southeast Asian street food at PHL, with the goal of taking the airport eatery experience to the next level."

"Opening the first location in our hometown is particularly meaningful because we’ve invested heavily in establishing ourselves in the food industry business in the Philadelphia region," said Robert G. Strother, President and COO, Strother Enterprises Inc. "We have Philadelphia roots, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new brand to the 30 million-plus travelers who visit PHL airport annually. Once WinKitchen ‘takes off’ at PHL, we envision eventually having a presence in airports across the country."

"We’re excited to be partnering with amazing merchants and expanding their presence at PHL," said Mel Hannah, Vice President and General Manager of MarketPlace PHL. "WinKitchen offers flavorful options for passengers to indulge in while on the go and Onsite News has anything you might’ve forgotten to ensure your flight is enjoyable."

Onsite Retailers, an ACDBE airport concessionaire, has been entrusted to expand and refine the shopping and dining experiences of traveling passengers, airline personnel and airport employees since 2004. Travelers can make a stop at Onsite News for a wide selection of snacks, beverages, grab-and-go food items, reading materials, electronic accessories, gifts and anything else one might need before a flight.

Onsite Retailers is uniquely equipped to recognize and respond to the shopping and dining needs of the ticketed and badged airport community, including traveling passengers, airline personnel and airport employees. A successful independent merchant, a licensed franchiser and a joint venture partner operating from six major United States airports and responsible for over 30 brands, Onsite has everything you need for travel convenience.

"Onsite Retailers is delighted to introduce our travel and convenience concept, Onsite News, to PHL International Airport. Our diverse selection of products will be a welcome addition to the offerings available to the traveling customers in Terminal C. Onsite Retailers is committed to offering our customers superior service in easily navigated shopping environments. We look forward to working with Marketplace PHL to ensure a first-class passenger experience," said Sandy A. Roberts, President & CEO.