Kansas City Aviation Department Unveils Updated Brand Identity Ahead of New Terminal Opening

July 19, 2022
Logo will also be used for Kansas City Wheeler Downtown Airport and Kansas City Aviation Department to unify three entities. With the rebrand, Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport’s name changed to Kansas City Wheeler Downtown Airport.
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With the new terminal opening March 2023, Kansas City Aviation Department, owners and operators of Kansas City International Airport and Kansas City Wheeler Downtown Airport, unveiled an extensive rebrand effort that unifies the organization and the two world-class entities it operates. The changes include a revised shared logo, brand fonts and color palette, reflecting a positive path forward for all three entities.

The organization’s current logos were developed in the 1990s. This rebrand comes at an important time in the department’s history, as a 39-gate, $1.5 billion terminal is slated to open for Kansas City International Airport in March 2023, providing a contemporary front door to the community. Downtown Airport is also poised for growth with continued updates and upgrades.

“Today is an exciting day in Kansas City’s rich aviation history,” said Pat Klein, Aviation Department director. “Our revised branding and visual identity not only represents our organization today, but sets the stage for where we are heading – onward and upward.”

The updated brand identity is more than a logo. Key elements of the rebrand include:

  • Logo: The shape of the logo takes its cue from an airplane’s wings and symbolizes the movement and travel the organization sees every day. The three triangles represent the three entities of the brand: Kansas City Aviation Department, Kansas City International Airport and Kansas City Wheeler Downtown Airport. The negative space seen between the three triangles depicts sun rays, nodding to the celebration of the future in Kansas City aviation. The mark is also a strong nod to the design of the new terminal’s iconic, cantilevered roofline.
  • Brand Colors: The brand colors used in the mark represent a traveler’s journey taken toward the sky, starting at the green ground and heading toward the vast, blue sky above.
  • Downtown Airport “Marketing” Name: With the rebrand, Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport’s name changed to Kansas City Wheeler Downtown Airport, to serve as a “marketing name.” This change comes after significant research and holds the goal of better connecting the airport name to the city it serves.

Kansas City Aviation Department worked in partnership with its agency of record, Trozzolo Communications Group, to oversee the department’s rebrand efforts, in coordination with the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Trozzolo is an award-winning marketing communications agency + consultancy headquartered in Kansas City and has worked with the department since 2015.

“This rebrand effort was a significant project for our agency and for our great city,” said Angelo Trozzolo, president and CEO of Trozzolo Communications Group. “It was important not only to develop a mark that unifies KCAD with both airports, but to also design something that feels welcoming and innovative, two key elements of the Kansas City spirit.”

As the Aviation Department is part of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the fountain logo will be incorporated where appropriate and possible, such as vehicles and uniforms.

To coincide with the rebrand, Kansas City Aviation Department plans to launch updated websites for itself and both airports later this year. These brand changes further establish the Kansas City Aviation Department’s commitment to serve Kansas City passengers and beyond while remaining proud stewards of Kansas City’s air travel.