Vidalia Regional Airport Completes Runway Update Ahead of Schedule

Aug. 9, 2022

"The Vidalia Regional Airport received $2.2 million through the American Rescue Plan last year to update their runway, and now that project is complete over a month ahead of schedule. The airport originally applied for the funds because of the increased traffic they’re seeing from jets - like Gulfstreams.

Airport manager Billy Ragan says there were several concrete panels with cracks that needed replacing, which was the most expensive part of the project because of the high price of concrete.

He says they’re grateful the project is complete ahead of schedule so they can welcome jet traffic back.

“We can continue to support the larger aircraft. The bigger they get, we can support them. They can rest assured that when they land here, there won’t be any issues,” Ragan said.

“We have a large customer client base that we service. Not only do we want to be on the up and up to support their needs, but we want to be attractive for future growth and development and be a place that folks know that they can grow their businesses here and have access to a regional airport that can support their needs,” Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper said.

Roper said the completed runway project is far from the last update the airport is going to see. The airport will receive $7 million in federal and local funding over the next several years to update its layout plan and to install up to 12 new hangars."