5 Ways the FAA is Championing a Greener Aviation Future

April 18, 2022
We’re rolling to the runway – The FAA and NASA recently completed research and testing on a software capability that calculates gate pushbacks at busy hub airports so that each plane can roll directly to the runway and to take off. The new system, which the FAA plans to deploy at 27 major airports, will minimize taxi delay and ramp congestion, and will reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

We’re building green towers – The FAA has launched a nationwide initiative to find a new design for control towers that can be built and operated sustainably. The goal of the nationwide solicitation is to develop a standardized design for towers at regional and municipal airports that will: 1) Meet operational and cost requirements, 2) Maximize energy efficiency, 3) Be easy to modify according to height needs, and 4) Be rapidly constructed. 
We’re letting jets slide in – What gets you down faster and more efficiently: a staircase or a slide? The FAA is "sliding" aircraft into airports with smooth arrival slopes instead of stair-step procedures. Optimized descents will save millions of gallons of fuel and reduce CO2 and other emissions by hundreds of thousands of tons. Find more information here.
We’re rockin’ down to electric avenue – The FAA has awarded millions of dollars in grants to airports to fund zero-emission airport vehicles, including their electric charging infrastructure, and will electrify the ramp equipment used to service planes at the gate. Through this support, airports are expected to reduce ozone emissions by more than 1,700 tons annually. 
We’re talking with our neighbors – The FAA is committed to engagement and open dialogue with those affected by airspace changes and aviation noise. Our current engagement strategy includes working with airports and community leadership through roundtables, ad hoc committees, and task forces. We also routinely engage the public through Community Engagement initiatives, such as our Noise Complaint Initiative (NCI), to understand specific challenges and propose solutions to alleviate concerns. 
Find more information about the FAA and its sustainability efforts at its Sustainability Gateway Page.