Free Electric Shuttle Service Transports Travelers at San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Dec. 3, 2021
100% Electric Endera Shuttle Buses clear San Diego Flyer for takeoff.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority announced the launch of the San Diego Flyer, a free electric shuttle bus service powered by Endera electric shuttles, that will transport passengers between the San Diego International Airport (SAN) and Old Town Transit Center.

Through their partnership with ACE Parking and the San Diego International Airport, Endera supplied a fleet of six fully electric shuttles that will be in use for a new service called The San Diego Flyer. Endera’s Shuttles are powered by 100-percent sustainable energy through charging stations located on airport property. Endera electric shuttles are equipped with many rider-friendly features including air conditioning, luggage racks, and an ADA ramp. 

"ACE is excited to utilize Endera's fully eclectic, zero-emission shuttles to power the inception of the San Diego Flyer shuttle service, which will seamlessly connect travelers and employees to San Diego International Airport from Old Town station. This is a critical development step for San Diego's regional public transportation infrastructure and Endera helps ACE deliver transportation solutions to SAN that align with the airport's commitment to sustainability and Clean Transportation Plan," said Morgan Leslie, managing director, ACE Parking. 

The San Diego Flyer electric shuttles will operate every day with an arrival every 20 to 30 minutes on average and are intended to meet the first and last Trolley, Coasters, Amtrak trains, and MTS buses at the first and last drop-offs, which start as early as 4:45 a.m. to wrapping up just after midnight. Currently, the buses stop at the Old Town Transit Center, Terminal 1, and Terminal 2. Passengers can be picked up and dropped off at transportation islands at each terminal. 

"ACE Parking and the San Diego International Airport are leaders in the adoption of electric transportation and understand the need to advance clean mobility. The San Diego Flyer is a great representation of that,” said John Walsh, founder, and CEO, Endera. 

This new electric shuttle program also utilizes the Endera GO platform, an app that allows riders to see live bus locations at any point on the route, accurate ETAs, and view seat availability in real-time. The Endera Go app helps to ease the travel anxiety that comes along with getting to and from the airport in order to maximize the comfort of the transit experience. 

The San Diego Flyer shuttles can be seen by a branded light orange wrap with plane icons and the word “Flyer” across the side of the buses.