New International Airport Confirms Sichuan-Tianfu-Meishan Rise as Leading Global Technology, Energy and Smart City Ecosystem

April 27, 2021

The new Sichuan Tianfu International Airport, supporting global access to the thriving regional business environment, is set to open in Q3 of 2021. This opening distinguishes Sichuan as one of only three venues in China, joining Shanghai and Beijing, with a second international airport, which will support up to 100 million additional travelers annually. Sichuan-Tianfu-Meishan growth has been largely driven by technology and energy innovation business and is currently the most rapidly expanding region in China, with a new model smart development, Meishan California Smart City, being one notable example of this growth.

California and Sichuan signed an official Friendship Relationship Agreement in June 2017, establishing Clean Energy as the key area of collaboration. The burgeoning Sichuan-Tianfu-Meishan area has become attractive to international technology enterprises seeking a strategic location for growth in China and Asia. Construction of the 500-acre AECOM-designed Meishan California Smart City, which is the world's newest Smart development; establishment of China's first Legoland by Merlin Entertainment; opening of Viacom's International Creative Headquarters; and development of Sino-France agricultural park and Sichuan-Hongkong collaborative all collectively underscore the prominence of Sichuan-Tianfu-Meishan as a magnet for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking rapid global expansion.

Meishan California Smart City (MCSC) is a prominent initiative under the California-Sichuan collaborative framework, being jointly developed with Chinese state-owned Fortune 500 company COFCO. MCSC is a greenfield development focused on clean energy and smart city technologies. Businesses and enterprises coming to MCSC will benefit from the prime Sichuan-Tianfu-Meishan location alongside renowned Tsinghua University's energy institution, and over a dozen other technical colleges and universities doing cutting-edge energy research.

Jeffrey Chang, chairman of MCST Investment and Development Co. Ltd., stated: "The Sichuan-Tianfu-Meishan momentum comes from visionary leadership supporting clean energy and new technologies focused on smart city advancement. Companies seeking to access the international market quickly and successfully, while offering a great live-work experience for their employees, will find this area the ideal choice."

Sichuan has been a culturally important destination for centuries, with five major UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Sichuan Giant Panda Base (3.5 million visitors annually), iconic spicy cuisine, and the birthplace of Su Dongpo, literary giant named one of the world's twelve millennium heroes by Le Monde. Sichuan provides great support for business activities, with a market of 200+ million people and 364 Fortune 500 companies having operations there.