Fraport Introduces Automatic License Plate Detection at Frankfurt Airport’s CargoCity South

April 12, 2021

On April 12, Fraport, the company that operates Frankfurt Airport (FRA), launched a new technology that automates the process of driving into FRA’s CargoCity South. At Gates 31 and 32, an innovative camera system now reads the license plates of arriving visitors and crosschecks them against stored datasets. If they match, the system automatically opens the gate. Before arriving, guests need to register online and send a notification of a planned visit.

“The new technology simplifies the process for our guests,” said Max Philipp Conrady, who is in charge of freight development at Fraport. “Now they can conveniently announce their visit to CargoCity South using an online portal. Then it only takes a few seconds for them to get in after arriving on site. This delivers a genuine time saving compared to the old approach.”

CargoCity South is one of the most heavily trafficked parts of the airport, especially for customers working in the freight sector. Companies and airport employees can now open the barriers with their validated airport ID cards. In the past, visitors arriving at Gate 31 or 32 had to get out of their vehicles and personally sign in. Thanks to the new procedure, they can now perform this step online from home or the office or while en route. Guests must register in advance while indicating their name, the planned duration of their stay, and their license plate number. By way of confirmation, they receive a QR code. When arriving on-site, they drive into a designated lane. A camera reads the license plate number, which the system checks and verifies before raising the barrier. In case there are any problems, the visitor can use the QR code as access authorization instead.

The new process was developed in cooperation with Arivo, a provider of software services. With its introduction, Fraport has implemented yet another component of its digitalization strategy in collaboration with its in-house “Digital Factory." In this virtual unit of the Fraport Group, a project team comprising digitalization and other specialists is working steadfastly to take the company’s digital maturity to the next level: “We’re committed to driving the digital transformation of our customer processes. Our overriding goal is to continually improve the standard of service enjoyed by both our passengers and employees,” said Claus Grunow, who is in charge of strategy and digitalization at Fraport AG.