Jamaica Airport Already Using COVID/Health Passport and Vaccination Validation System Successfully

March 29, 2021

As the world searches for a complete testing solution and “COVID/Health Passport,” Jamaica’s International Airport has already partnered with TPT Global Tech, Inc. ("TPTW or the Company") and its subsidiary TPT MedTech to deploy its "QuikLAB" and "QuikPASS" technology platforms as the "Check and Verify" Passport system for travelers and are checking travelers daily in and out of the country by the thousands.

The TPT/Jamaica Airport partnership allows tourists in the country to obtain the completely private and HIPPA compliant QuikPASS App from the TPT MedTech web site, get tested at the Baywest Hospital and Clinics or another "QuikLAB" testing site on the island in order to receive their results electronically via the "QuikPASS" app. Once cleared to travel, a tourist is free to enter the airport, show or scan their "QuikPASS" QR code which displays their HIPPA compliant testing records, to verify that they have been tested in the past 72 hours and are free and safe to travel home.

"While the world itches to get back to safe travel, we have been helping Jamaica’s airports achieve that for an entire month. From the UK to the US and beyond, our test and verify platform provides complete, safe and fully secure testing that is already being used to get travel back to normal in Jamaica and we look forward to working with airlines, cruise lines, hotels and entire countries to help them do the same,” said TPT Global Tech CEO Stephen J. Thomas III.

TPT MedTech developed its "QuikPASS" Check and Verify passport system and COVID-19/vaccination monitoring platform for corporations, governmental organizations, schools, airlines, hospitals, sports venues and arenas, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. The all-in-one mobile system checks and verifies that an individual has been tested for COVID-19 or vaccinated, providing proof individuals are able to travel or gain access to venues with the idea that everyone inside that venue would be COVID-free. The "QuikPASS" "Check and Verify" passport-style platform works with third-party testing labs and organizations that participate on the "QuikPASS" Network and will be offered FREE to US domestic and international business commerce and governmental organizations around the world.