Clay Air brings Touchless Technology to Public Spaces

Nov. 5, 2020

Clay Air launched ClayControl, the solution that enables users to navigate interfaces without physical touch. ClayControl can be integrated into any device that supports a camera without adding any additional hardware.

With touchscreens being ubiquitous in public spaces such as restaurants, transportation hubs, and healthcare facilities, users now expect more than self-service options. They expect sanitized, safe, and even zero-touch environments.

With ClayControl, users can interact with devices with zero-touch gestures including grab-and-drag, pinch, swipe, and flip, to perform simple functions such as select/cancel, add to cart, return home, next screen, zoom.

A clean and intuitive experience for users

ClayControl was designed by experts in human-machine interactions who focused on making the user experience intuitive and engaging. The model is self-learning, adapting to users' gestures and thus improving over time. User guidance can be added on top of the existing UX to ensure smooth and easy interactions with kiosks or similar devices.

A scalable solution for manufacturers and enterprises

Like all Clay AIR products, ClayControl is hardware agnostic and compatible with all operating systems. It can be implemented into any device, leveraging cameras that are already being used for other functions, and making it a cost-effective option to add user functionality. The solution is compatible with all operating systems, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Clay AIR’s touchless technology can help device makers regain the trust of their users by prioritizing providing hygienic and safe interactions.