San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport Launches “Nonstop Service” Health and Safety Program

June 11, 2020

In a comprehensive effort to protect passengers and keep the region moving, the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP) has launched its SBP Nonstop Service health and safety program. Nonstop Service goes far beyond additional cleaning measures, and is a wide-ranging plan to keep the community safe, connected, and informed when traveling through the airport.

The program focuses on the areas of health, safety, security, and community. SBP is following rigorous federal, state, and local health and safety guidelines, as well as directives from the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally, as an essential service provider, the airport has remained open and operational during the pandemic, ensuring that the region has maintained connectivity for business and emergency services. As stay-at-home orders are lifted across the country, SBP’s Nonstop Service program will enable all travelers to fly safely and conveniently.

“The airport’s highest priority has always been the safety and security of our passengers,” said Kevin Bumen, A.A.E., C.A.E., Director of Airports. “Our Nonstop Service program is a deepening of our commitment, and helps us share very clearly all of the ways we’re prepared to assist passengers when they’re ready to travel again.”

The Nonstop Service program will also be used to explain new travel procedures and best practices for minimizing the spread of germs and viruses. Regionally themed graphics help travelers measure social distancing in wine barrels and Cal Poly Mustangs, and signs throughout the terminal detail where face coverings are required. Audio announcements remind passengers of ways to stay safe and healthy, and the airport’s website provides updated travel information.

While the airport continues to clean and protect, visitors to the airport are also expected to do their part, including performing frequent hand washing, maintaining social distance, and refraining from travel when feeling sick. For more details about the Nonstop Service program, visit