Flight scheduling at Quito International Airport

June 4, 2020

The Quito International Airport resumed on June 1, the operations of commercial passenger flights applying strict sanitary security protocols. During the first week of June, the operation of some 23 departures and arrivals national and international flights is expected.  

The first domestic destinations connected with Quito airport were Loja and Coca, operated by Aeroregional; and Miami and Houston, operated by American Airlines and United Airlines internationally. Avianca and LATAM will start their national operations from June 15, coinciding with the opening of domestic flights at the Guayaquil airport. Additionally, repatriation flights that operate under the charter modality continue to be carried out.  

We ask passengers to consider the recommendations to take their flight in the most efficient and safe way:

  • Only passengers with a confirmed flight that present a boarding pass or flight ticket may enter the terminal. The entry of family members or companions is prohibited.
  • Check-in online to avoid processes and save time in the terminal.
  • Arrive at the airport four hours in advance for international flights and two hours for domestic flights.
  • Avoid dressing with metal objects to speed up the security screening. If you carry coins, keys or any metal object, please place them in your carry-on luggage.
  • If you arrived well in advance of your flight or you want to receive a passenger who arrives in the city, remember that you can wait comfortably at the Quito Airport Center, which has a variety of services and all the sanitary safety measures. 
  • Air tickets are not sold at the airport; therefore, it is useless to go to the airport to buy a ticket. Buy your flight through the websites of airlines and travel agencies.