Support for Clean Fuels Continues to Grow

Jan. 13, 2020
Governor Inslee joined by legislative leaders, Alaska Airlines, and others to encourage approval.

Governor Jay Inslee and State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon joined the Port of Seattle on Friday to call on the State Legislature to adopt a Clean Fuel Standard in its 2020 legislative session. They were joined by a variety of others including Alaska Airlines, among the first major airlines who announced their support for a statewide Clean Fuel Standard in Washington, due to the fact it will create an incentive mechanism for airlines to promote the use of sustainable aviation fuels. Alaska, the Port, and the State of Washington have partnered to lead the national conversation around Sustainable Aviation Fuels since 2010.

At a press conference, Port of Seattle Commissioners Fred Felleman and Ryan Calkins hosted a group of supporters, which included State Senator Joe Nguyen and Dr. Annemarie Dooley of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. The speakers were joined by an array of allied groups who are pushing for this policy in Olympia, including OneAmerica, the Washington Environmental Council, the Renewable Energy Group, Neste, and more. The legislation, House Bill 1110, will require fuel providers to reduce the carbon pollution from transportation fuels over time.