Private Aviation Safety Leaders Conduct First Annual Industry Safety Symposium

Oct. 3, 2019
Part 135 operators meet to share and discuss real-world best practices to improve safety.

Jet Linx hosted private aviation industry leaders for a first annual Safety Symposium on Sep. 26. Held in conjunction with the opening of Jet Linx’s new private terminal at Teterboro Airport, the event’s objective was to share, educate and advance safety efforts in Part 135 operations. Topics discussed during the event included the enhancement of an effective Safety Management System (SMS), the minimization of safety risk components and the avoidance of pilot fatigue.

The Safety Symposium was co-led by Sheryl Clarke, director of safety and security for Jet Linx. Appointed in March, she is responsible for continuing to enhance the company’s safety and security programs and initiatives to represent the highest standards in private aviation. Ms. Clarke previously worked with United Airlines where she led safety, SMS and regulatory compliance in airport operations for the company’s network. A United States Air Force Academy graduate, she has received several advanced certifications from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Department of Transportation, Safety Management Systems and Human Factors Analysis.

“Jet Linx wanted to create a forum for meaningful conversation where we could further develop safety practices, stimulate enthusiasm around industry collaboration and provide an open forum for questions, education and ideas in an intimate group setting,” said Clarke. “Creating a rapport between private aviation organizations is powerful. We can learn a great deal from each other, leveraging our own programs and contributing to industry standards through combined resources and expertise.”

The symposium was dedicated to discussing the significance of a strong SMS within Part 135 operations and how a poor safety culture can manifest in corporate operations and, most importantly, the flight deck. Jet Linx welcomed over two dozen private aviation organizations, including Convergent, Flight Safety International, FireSide Partners and the National Air Transportation Association, among others, to collaboratively discuss industry issues, present significant data and gather key findings to share with their respective organizations. During the event, industry experts explained the philosophy behind SMS and how managing change effectively and safely can ensure best practices and the highest safety standards for employees, clients and assets. Tony Kern, chief learning officer and established author from Convergent Performance, and Don Chupp, president and CEO of FireSide Partners and former NTSB investigator, shared their insights using industry events as metaphors for key learnings.

 “We were very happy with all that was accomplished at the first annual Safety Symposium and we look forward to the next meeting. There was a synergy created that was enlightening and inspiring,” said Jamie Walker, president and CEO of Jet Linx. “As leaders in the industry, we compete in business, yet collaborate to further the highest safety standards. It is our responsibility to hold our industry accountable for the safety of our clients, pilots and team. Together, we can make the industry safer.”