Skidata Completes Massive Parking Technology Installation At Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Oct. 12, 2018

When Raleigh-Durham International Airport decided to upgrade their entire parking infrastructure, they identified the need to provide the more than 11 million annual visitors with a modern and convenient parking experience. As part of their Vision 2040 Master Plan, the airport expanded their parking offerings to provide easy and convenient options to meet the varying needs of their many visitors.

The massive 14-car-park installation includes a total of 19 Entry Lanes and 29 Exits with an impressive 19 Automatic Payment Machines (APMs). Skidata’s Power.Gate column devices were used at entry and exit with corresponding Barrier.Gates. The abundance of APMs provide the convenience of self-service payment with both credit cards and cash transactions. The airport chose to primarily go with Credit.Cash APM units for credit-card-only transactions along with 3 Easy.Cash credit and cash processing units. As an additional payment option, 10 cashier terminals were installed for in-lane cashiering. For the full airport system, Skidata’s PARCS solution is paired with Paris Technologies’ business data management as well as ADVAM’s parking reservation product.

“We are incredibly honored to be partnering with this forward-thinking airport team,” said Coley Nash, business development – Skidata. “This is a great collaboration that shows their dedication to the visitor experience.”